Sunday, October 24, 2010

Milly By Aurora

 What is better than a stuffed animal for your daughter?  The answer is simple...A milly Stuffed animal!  Milly Stuffed animals come with  unique details on the fur that make them extra special.  They make a perfect gift for any little girl and they are very affordable.  Milly dolls range in price from $11 to $14.  This is very inexpensive being that your daughter will fall in love with her Milly doll.  Aurora offers a selection of Milly dolls with something for every little girls liking.  The selection of Milly dolls also offers three Milly dolls in scented carriers.  Your daughter will love carrying around her Milly doll in a scented carrier.  What is more adorable than that!  My favorite Milly Doll is the Wanna Be Princess because deep down there is a princess in every little girls heart.  
Go to Aurora World, Inc( and check them out for yourself.  Aurora will be celebrating it's 30th anniversary in 2011 and is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality toys and gifts.  Aurora provides excellent customer service and competitively priced stuffed animals.

*Disclosure- Aurora provided me with a free Milly Doll to review with my mothers group.  I liked the Milly doll so much i decited to write my own review of it and add it to my blog*