Wednesday, October 27, 2010

V Tech Happy Lights Bear

I purchased this toy for my son when he was six months old.  It's been over a year since then and he still enjoys playing with it.  Your baby can take it wherever s/he goes.  My son use to play with it in the car on the way to pick up my other son from school.  When we would get there i would attach it to his stroller to keep him entertained.  Sometimes other kids would come up and want to play with it too!  I purchased it at Walmart for a very reasonable price of nine dollars.  I have also seen it on Amazon but it was double Walmart's price. 
      This product features a soft strap that easily attaches to a crib or stroller.  It has colorful light up buttons, fun melodies, and cheerful phrases that will keep your little one entertained no matter where your at.  It's soft fabric also provides for a hugable bear.  It is BPA free and requires two triple A batteries.  I purchased mine at Walmart for only $9.00.  They are now selling a pink one that is perfect for little girls.