Tuesday, November 23, 2010


As part of Bzz Campaign i was accepted into the Cheap Today Campaign.  I sometimes recieve free products and coupons from http://www.bzzagent.com/ .  http://www.cheaptoday.com/ is a helpful website that helps you find the best daily sales, deals and special offers all from your favorite stores.   They are all discovered and shared by shoppers just like yourselves!  They find the best deals and share them with us so we do not have to go searching for them which saves us the time and worry of it all!   With Black Friday and the Holidays right around the corner what better timing then to sign up now so you can start getting all the inside scoop on the best daily deals.  If you wish you may also sign up to receive there daily newsletter that way it gets delivered directly into your inbox. 
Visit there site and see what deals you can find.  I just love Victoria's Secrets and i found a deal from them if you order so much worth of sleepwear you will receive a free pair of slippers.  I also found a deal on my own for A Women Within.  Go to http://womenwithin.com/ and in the search box put "Picnic Set".  It will take you to a 20 piece Picnic Set that is on sale for only $3.99 shipped.   It was originally a $40.00 set and it includes:  4-Melamime Plates,  4- Knives,  4 Forks,  4 Teaspoons,  and 4 Tablespoons.  It's really cute too...check it out if you get a chance it's definitely worth it!