Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gum for Dessert???

I recently signed up for a free pack of Extra Dessert Delights off of Facebook.  I wondered if it could taste as good as it sounded.  Well i got my free pack in and the answer is YES!!!  There are three different delicious flavors:  Strawberry Shortcake,  Mint Chocolate Chip Ice cream and Key Lime Pie.  Each pack comes with fifteen individually wrapped pieces.  The gum is sugar free too which is an added bonus.  All of the great taste without the sugar is perfect for my son. 
I tried the Mint Chocolate Chip Ice cream gum and it is now one of my favorite flavors of gum!   When i first started chewing it i could taste a tingly mint sensation.  As i continued to chew it i noticed the taste of warm chocolate and mint.  It kind of favors the taste of an Ande's mint but most of all tastes just like Mint Chocolate Chip Ice cream.  If you are a fan of Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream then you will definitely be a fan of  Extra's Mint Chocolate Chip Gum.  So if you don't have any ice cream handy and you have a craving why not pop a piece of Mint Chocolate Chip gum in your mouth.    Mint Chocolate Chip is one of my favorite Ice cream flavors and now it is one of my favorite gum flavors as well!