Friday, December 31, 2010

Blue Q

Blue Q is a great site that offers a wide variety of novelty products that are more than just the ordinary. Their products are fun,  unique,  entertaining,  enjoyable,  not to mention interesting!  Blue Q is a company that is located in Pittsfield Massachusetts and offers more than four hundred products.  Mith and Seth who are brothers are the actual owners of Blue Q.  They offer fun brands at very reasonable prices.  A lot of their products have fun,  quirky sayings or titles that make them extra special and unique.  If you have a good sense of humor then this is definitely the store for you!  I was stuck on their site for about an hour looking around at all their products. 

I chose to review the "Saving for a Rich Husband, Tin Bank.  I was able to chose from a variety of over 20 different tin banks,  but that one was my favorite!  Some of my other favorites say:
"Savin up for a Party",  "Savin up for a little Baby",   and "Savin up for Plastic Surgery".   Matter of fact,  i have already started saving up!  The tin banks are just the right size,  they measure 3.5"x4.5".  On the top it reads"Save Big" and has a opening to drop coins in.  I am sure women across the globe can appreciate this Tin bank...i sure do!  You may be wondering,  "why do i have to save for a RICH husband",  but the answer is you need to buy the things to make yourself attractive to get the rich husband!  The tin bank has a opening at the bottom in case you need to empty out your stash.  Best of all this product only costs $7.99,  now thats a great gift for less than ten bucks!

Blue Q also sent me one of their boxes of teas to review.  The tea box reads"BE A BETTER PARENT" and contains 16 individually wrapped certified organic tea bags.  Tea with a thats cute!  This tea is specially blended with mint and citrus to help alleviate your daily stress.  They offer 13 varieties of tea to choose from and they all come with a cute saying on the box.  They are reasonably priced for only $10.00 each.  I had a cup of the hot tea last night and it totally relaxed me and tasted great at the same time! 

Blue Q also sells items such as:  Gum,  Hand Sanitizers,  Bags,  and Bath and Body Products,  just to name a few!  I did a search on their site to find the nearest retailer that sells their products and to my surprise there was one very near to where i am located.  I actually was thrilled when i found out one of my favorite local stores sells their products.  I love this store in Downtown Sacramento called Evangeline's,  which is a 3 story costume mansion that sells products such as theirs so i was so happy when i found out they sell Blue Q products!  I know what i'll be looking for next time i visit their store! 

*Disclosure-  Blue Q kindly sent me a couple of their products to possibly review.  In no way did this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*


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Hi! Stopping by to follow you back :) These are really cute & fun, great little gifts!

Every Day Products & More said...

I am going to check out the site asap! The tea and bank look like just the thing i would like!