Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Latest Favorites From Gerber

Yes...that is my little Gerber baby enjoying his Gerber food, as usual!  We have tried many different brands of baby food in our house but Gerber remains the Favorite in our household!  They have out a great line of food that is categorized by stages.  From Birth to Preschool,  they have something for all stages!  I have a seven year old,a  2 year old and a 7  month old and they all enjoy different Gerber products. 

GERBER PUFFS-I have been purchasing Gerber Puffs since my oldest son was just a baby(he is now seven.)  I remember my friend would sit there eating Puffs with him and i think she loved them almost as much as him!  Hey I'm not saying i ate them or even for you to eat them but she sure enjoyed them!  They are star shaped ,light weight , whole grain snacks that come in a variety of Delicious flavors.    They come in seven different flavors including: Strawberry Apple,  Banana,  Cherry,  Peach,  Sweet Corn,  Sweet Potato,  and Apple Cinnamon. 
So far my baby has tried just about every flavor and there is not one that he has disliked!  They provide a great source of Iron,  Zinc,  and Vitamin E because they are formulate with VITABLOCKS.  They are made with Whole Grains,  Real Veggies and Real Fruit.  They come in a tall slender 1.4 ounce plastic container and can be found in the baby aisle. If your baby can crawl on all fours then it is likely that your baby is ready to eat Puffs.   I think what i like best about them is that they are the perfect size for my babies fingers and easily dissolve in his mouth which makes them easy for him to eat.  My 7 month old and my 2 year old loves them as a snack.  The only problem i have with Puffs is that once i give them some they want the whole canister!

GERBER YOGURT BLENDS-  Yogurt Blends make the perfect snack or breakfast for supported sitters.  They combine nutritious whole milk with Gerber Fruit Purees to provide a great source of Calcium for strong bones and teeth.  Gerber Yogurt Blends come in a four pack and offer four different flavors including:  Simply Strawberry,  Simply Banana,  Simply Peach and Simply Pear.  The best thing about them is that it is not necessary to refrigerate unopened containers of Yogurt Blends which makes them easy to store in my cabinets.  You can find them conveniently located in the baby aisle of most grocery stores and stores such as WalMart and Target.

GERBER CEREAL TWISTS-  Makes a perfect snack for Preschoolers.  They are made with whole grains and and contains two different yogurt fillings.  Each bar is individually wrapped which makes them perfect to take with you on the go.  I usually pop one or two in  the diaper bag before i leave the house.  My seven year old loves these bars!  I even gave one a try and i must say for lil guys they make a scrumptious snack.  They come in three yummy flavors: Strawberry Blueberry,  Banana Peach and Raspberry Vanilla.
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