Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Purex Complete with Zout

I think most of all of us can agree doing laundry is something that we hate to do, but have to do!  With a husband and three children,  it seems like our laundry is never ending!  Did I mention that the three children is actually three boys!  And I don't know if your sons are anything like mine, but I know mine are super messy!  My one year old and two year old are constantly getting stains on their clothes,  and my seven year old isn't much better.  That is why I was very excited to review Purex Complete with Zout.

Purex Complete with Zout isn't just any old detergent,  it actually combines Purex Detergent,  with the triple-enzyme stain- fighting power of Zout Pretreater.   They work together to remove stains the first time,  so you don't have to continue to wash your garnments over and over.  It works so well infact,  that it actually helps remove tough stains such as Chocolate,  Grass,  and even Tomato Sauce.   Now,   if you ask me,  that's pretty impressive!   It is compatible with any type of washer, no matter if you own a High Efficiency Washing machine,  or a Standard Top Loading Washing Machine,  and can be used on all machine washable clothes.

Purex Complete with Zout comes in two different formulas:
  1. Fresh Morning Burst
  2. Free & Clear
Purex was kind enough to send me a bottle of their Fresh Morning Burst formula to review.  Both formulas are hypoallergenic,  and safe for sensitive skin.  The Clean & Clear formula does not contain any dyes or fragrances.  I love the fact that it is hypoallergenic as it makes it more gentle on my sons sensitive skin.  The Fresh Morning Burst formula smelled fresh and left my clothes smelling fresh for quite a while.  I was anxious to put it to the test,  so the same day it arrived I pulled it out,  and decited to do a load of clothes.  I washed a load of my husbands dirty,  smelly,  stained work clothes.  To my surprise the clothes came out smelling and looking fresh!

*Disclaimer-  I received a product to review as a member of Purex Insiders.  In no way did this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinons are one hundred percent honest and true.* 


katie said...

lots of detergents make my skin itch. hopefully, this one will work. thanks for the review!

Michelle said...

Oh wow, I will definitely have to try this! I have 3 kids too and 2 of them are boys! haha!

Denise said...

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