Sunday, May 1, 2011

Recap of my lil Punkin's 1st B-Day Party!

This year is a special year because my youngest son turned one!  My nephews son also turned one,  three days later,  so we figured we would host their 1st Birthday Party together.  We went with a Sesame Street theme as both of our boys love Sesame Street...especially Elmo!  We wanted to keep the party simple- small get together with homemade cupcakes,  Spaghetti Dinner and Smash Cakes.  Before the party we went to the mall to get their 1st Birthday Pictures taken.  We ordered special cupcakes and then let them go to town on them!  We thought that since it was Easter coming up the following day we should get their Easter Pictures taken too.  The party went great,  excluding the fact that I forgot to bring the highchair,  so we had to take turns on the highchair for the smash cakes.  Other than that the party went great and all the kids had a blast. 

My younger sisters bday is also on the same day as my son,  which happened to fall on a Thursday this year.  I actually had my son scheduled to be born purposly on her B-day,  yes a scheduled c-section.  So any ways we celebrated My sisters 26th B-Day along with my sons 1st Birthday.  Then on Saturday we celebrated my sons bday again along with his cousins 1st b-day too!  MMM..the cake was filled with strawberries and whipped cream,  it was so good!  My son celebrated with an Easter cupcake!

On Friday(the day after his bday on his actual bday and the day before his big bday party) I took him to his first trip to Chuck E Cheeses.  I felt so bad for him because he had to get 6 shots and he was such a little trooper about it so this is wear we ended up!  He loved the rides and even though it was his first time he wasnt timid or scared at all!  The admission was free,  and everything takes a token(which only costs 25 cents).  After some rides and pictures we were out of there,  but we will surely be back soon.  I have two other boys that love Chuck E Cheese's.

I was very pleased with how their smash cakes turned out!  I ordered them from Safeaway,  as that is where I normally order cakes from.  I was able to have them customized  so that was pretty awesome.  My sons was the Elmo cake and his cousins was the Big Bird cake.  I took a sheet cake and customized it into two baby cakes.  The babies loved them,  as you will notice in a image to come!

 In case you havent guessed,  these pictures are of their smash cake face!  Yes my own little Mr. Cake Face and the other little Cake Face!  These are some of the cutest pictures ever!  I took pictures of all three of my sons at each of their 1st birthday parties eating smash cake and now it was my little Jr.'s turn along with his baby cousin. 

Never underestimate the power of a ball!  My mother purchased one for all of the chidren to play with it and the kids stayed entertained playing with it and kicking it all over the yard! .

The kids had a blast playing outside on their ride on toys!  My two year old was so proud of his new little vehicle!  

...And my littlist man is now 1 year old!!!!!!!


Romina Garcia said...

Happy Birthday!!
Loved the pics...especially the ones where they had cake all around their mouths. Precious!

Erika said...

How precious! That first year flies by so incredibly fast! Happy birthday to your little guy!

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Sara said...

Looks like a great party! They're so cute.

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Sara said...

Looks like a great party! They're so cute.

I stumbled you. My post is

Still Blonde after all these YEARS said...

What Fun times 2!

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