Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Springs here,  and with Spring comes allergy season,  and that is definently here too!   Every year allergy season hits and nocks the socks off our family.  Our children suffer from runny noses,  sneezing,  itchy eyes and throats,  and that is exactly what Children's Claritin treats!  You can purchase it in a 2 Fl Oz bottle or a box of 10 chewable tablets.  I perfer the chewable tablets as it makes it seem more like candy and less like medicine. 

I was surprised by the fact that children as young as two years old can take Children's Claritin Allergy medicine.  Usually the medicine labels always read six and older.  This was especially perfect for me because I have a two year old and a seven year old.  This way I am able to treat both of my children,  using the same medicine,  which saves me money.  The tasty grape flavor makes it easy to get my children to take their medicine with no fussing.

Children's Claritin Allergy medecine treats both indoor and outdoor allergies.  To learn more about children's allergies and Claritin be sure to visit their Site.

*Disclaimer-  I received the 2 products pictured in the image above.  In no way did this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*


Alex said...

I love Claritin.. My son gets really bad allergies and Claritin helps him a lot and doesn't make him sleepy.

Laura said...

Thanks for linking up with Footloose and Fancy Free:)