Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tons of Socks

One thing about me is I don't usually like anything plain,  including my socks, so that is why I was excited when I had the opportunity to review a couple pairs of socks for  They have a huge variety of socks in all different colors,  styles,  and lengths.  Their selection of socks are all very trendy and fun,  which makes shopping for them fun too!  Why shop for a boring pair of White socks when you can shop for your favorite prints and colors!  Shopping on their site is a breeze,  due to the fact that they sort them in categories,  which makes it easy to navigate their site.  

If you want to see a larger image then just click on the image and it will enlarge the picture. Their huge selection of different style socks makes it easy to express your personality, making sock shopping fun,   so for this review I chose a perfect pair of socks for my husband,  and a pair for myself as well.  As soon as I saw their Betty Boop Socks For Women section I was excited!  Oh did I ever mention,  I LOVE Betty Boop!  I had my choice between 12 different Betty Boop style socks in various color and poses.  It wasn't that hard to choose because I love both Betty Boop and pink,  so I decided to go with the "B" is for Betty Cotton socks for women.

The socks feature a picture of Betty Boop,  in a cute little dress,  with a big "B" on it,  for B-E-T-T-Y!  Each pair of Women's Betty Boop Socks are made out of 75% Cotton,  23% Nylon,  2% Lycra Elastane.  They contoured to my feet, and felt so comfortable!  They fit shoe sizes five and a half to a nine and a half,   I wear a size 7/12 - 8,  and they fit perfectly.   Each pair of Betty Boop Socks cost $7.50,  which is totally worth it for such a cute pair of quality socks.  If Betty Boop isn't your thing,  you are sure to find at least one pair that is.  Some of their other styles includes: Women's Colorful Butterflies ,   Red Wine,  Flamingo,  Monkeys,  Flip-Flops,  Medical,  Bees,  Guitars,  Candy Hearts, 

Tons of Socks had a lot of fun themed socks to choose from for my husband too!  I was able to select from a variety of socks including:  Casino,  High Tops,  Billiards,  Guitars,  Checkers,  Flames and many other fun themed socks.  They also dedicate a entire section of socks to "The Simpson's"!  To be honest,  I still watch "The Simpson's",   from time to time!  I chose between 16 different Homer and Bart styles,  but ended up deciding to review the Men's Homer Simpson Tighty Whitey 2 Socks
 I guess you can tell by my choice of socks that both him,  and I have a sense of humour!  They fit a men's size 9-12,  which is perfect for him because he wears a size 10 and a half.  They are made out of 70%  Cotton,  16% Polyester,  11% Nylon,  and 3% Elastane.  You can purchase them for only $8.50 on their website.  This particular style of humorous socks,  features Homer Simpson in nothing,  but his tighty whiteys!  I guess my husband liked them because he wore them the very  next day that I gave them to him.  He got a good laugh out of the socks and so did I! 

The only socks you wont find on their site is children's,  but you will be able to find socks for you and your hubby.   Be sure to check out Tons of Socks on their Facebook Fan Page to keep up date with their newest promotions and news. 

*Disclaimer-  Tons of Socks provided me with two pairs of socks to review.  In no way does this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*


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Love the socks...checkin out site now!! TY

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Your kids are super cute!!! Popping by and following you from the blog hop. Have an awesome day! And when you get a chance come on by and check out my blog.
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