Friday, July 8, 2011

Cool Off with Cool Off Towelettes!

The past weekend hit in the triple digits,  and I can surly feel it the second I step out of my air conditioned house.  It's summer time and everyone is going camping,  to the lake,  and enjoying the outdoors,  but with the outdoors comes the heat.  A great way to refresh your self during these hot summer months is by using a Cool Off Towlette.  When you are unable to escape from the heat simply grab a Cool Off Towlette and re-energize your self!

The Cool Off Towlette comes packaged in a pocket sized packet that is infused with natural ingredients that includes cooling herbs,  moisturizing botanicals,  and theraputic essential oils.  Wondering exactly what is in it?  Each ultra soft towelette includes Witch Hazel Extract,  Alcohol,  Glycerin,  Extracts of Aloe Vera,  Arnica,  Sea Weed,  Chamomile Flower,  Lemon Peel,  Red Fennel,  Evening Primrose,  Wild Yam,  Tea Tree,  Black Cohosh Root,  White Tea Leaf,  and natural or organic fixatives,  Menthol,  and Fragrance.  This all natural product is packed full of remarkable ingredients. 

I used a few of the Cool Off Towlettes while I was out in the heat on the 4th of July and they worked great!  I also used a mini battery opperated fan to blow cool air on it and it added a little extra cooling effect to it.  To use the Cool Off Towlette you simply remove it from the package and give it a little shake.  You then apply it wherever you may want to cool off,  I chose to use it on my neck,  and back of my knees.  You should be sure to apply it for several seconds in order to fully penetrate and build the chill.  After a while you may want to reactivate the cool by splashing a little water wherever you applied the towelette. 

Buy It:  You can purchase Cool Off Towlettes online at,,,  and  Be sure to check them out on Facebook. 

*Disclaimer- I received samples to review on my blog.  In no way did this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*


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