Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Funday - Fun at the Fair!


I don't know about you, but I haven't really seen any posts about the fair, so I thought I might share some of my fair fun with my readers! My husband and I usually visit the fair each year that it comes, and this year it came fairly early. We go for the food mainly, I mean they offer just about any and everything you could possibly think of! They also offer some fun activities for kids, entertainment, shows and concerts,   exhibits, and of course the games and rides! The worst part about the fair is the heat, we went in 100 degree temperature, so we were not able to go on any of the rides, as it was too hot.

This year we went to Big Bear BBQ.  Last year,  we visited the wrong BBQ place and it did not compare at all to Big Bear. My husband and I both got a small meal with a large coke and it ran us $30.00!  I know outrageous huh,  but it was worth it.  The meal came with a BBQ pulled pork sandwich,  coleslaw,  BBQ beans,  and a roll.  I must say it was mighty tasty!

We had to stop to take a photo when we saw this huge shopping cart!  I had actually saw it on the Internet months ago so it was kind of neat to see it in person.  This cart is the largest motorized cart in California!

We found this while browsing through one of the exhibit rooms.  I recognized many of the famous actors and singers on the piano including Elvis,  Marilyn Monroe,  Prince,  and many other famous idols.

These were huge!  They have to be the largest rolling pin,  whisk, spoon,  and spatula that I have ever laid my pretty blue eyes on! 

As soon as we saw this photo prop we knew we had to stop for a quick!

This bike isn't just any bike it is a bike that can actually blend up a smoothie.  My kind husband graciously volunteered to help blend up a batch of smoothies!  It provided us with a fun and unique experience plus we got to enjoy a free smoothie afterward.  This was sponsored by Walmart,  so if your at the fair be sure to check them out and pick up a delicious FREE smoothie!  Walmart also offers a booth where you can plant a flower to take home with you and they give you a FREE tote bag.  My flower has already sprouted!  Also,  if you visit PG&E and sign up for their free newsletter you will receive a free tee-shirt and you can also pick up a free sling back pack and paper fan!  If you get thirsty,  and you want a sip of water,  there are plenty of Alhambra stations set up across the fair grounds,  where you can get a free cone of water! 
We couldnt visit the fair without playing some games even though they charge an arm and a leg!  My husband won me one and I won one.  We seemed to have the best luck playing the dart and balloon game! 

And of course,  our trip to the fair wouldn't be complete with out stopping by one of their many deep fried food places to pick up a tasty deep fried item.  Last year I tried a deep fried Twinkies,  so this year I decided to try deep fried oreos,  and they sure didn't disappoint!  You would be amazed by what they deep fry!  They even offer deep fried pudding,  cookie dough,  candybars,  cheesecake,  brownies,  and cereal! This year there was even a vendor that was selling something they like to call "Maggot Sandwich",  I believe it is a sandwich filled with meal worms...ewww!  What will they come up with next! 

On our way out we viewed the picture that they took as we walked in.  We decited to purchase two mini keychains for $18.  I know kind of expenive,  but isnt everything at the fair!  The fair ends today so I guess we won't be seeing it again till next year:)