Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Back To School - Zippity Doo's

This year Zippity Doo's is a must have on our back to school check list!  After struggling with lice as a young girl,  I know first hand what an inconvenience lice can be!  My younger sister and I always had long hair,  atleast half way down our back,  but usually to our butt,  and mine still is.   We would always catch lice from a friend,  that would always catch it from her cousin,  and the lice would spread in a continuous cycle.  Not only that,  but it was prevalent in our local elementary schools. 

I think my parents bought us just about every product there was on the market,  but it was so hard to get shed of.  Too bad,  Zippity Doo's wasn't around when we were growing up because we could have definitely benefited from their line of awesome products.  I have a one year old,  a two year old,  and a seven year old.  The one I worry about catching lice is my seven year old,  since he attends public school.  I would hate for him to bring it home to the rest of our family.  I do not have any girls,  but my hair is very long and I would hate to have to cut it all off.  My two year old sons hair is long and curly so I would really hate for him to get it too!

Zippity Doo's generously provided me with all of their products to review,  so I was able to get a very good feel of their products.  The first think I noticed about their products is the bright colors,  which really make the products stand out,  not to mention my children love the vivid colors!   Each product has a oval label on it that reads "Pediatrician Approved".  I especially like when I know a product is approved by a pediatrician,  it really makes me think that I can trust the product.   The logo is very cute,  it features combs as the "i's",  a scissors as the "y",  and faces as the "o's". 

Below I will let you know a little bit of information and my opinion of each of their products.

Shield Spray - I thought this product was very interesting because I never even knew shield spray existed until now.  You can use this clear colored spray on your hair daily,  as it is completely safe to use.  The main mission of this product is to help shield your hair from lice.  I would recommend spraying some on your child's hair each day before school.  It contains natural ingredients including Rosemary,  Citronella,  Aloe and Tea Tree Oil.  Not only does it provide protection from lice,  but also from other insect infestations.  It has more of a masculine scent which is perfect for my sons.  You can use it on wet or dry hair and it is does not leave a sticky feeling.

Leave-In Detangler For Children - I constantly use hair detangler in my two youngest sons hair,  as they have curly hair that gets tangles easily.  What is better than a  detangler,  than a detangler that also helps prevent against lice by repelling them!  This product is made out of natural ingredients including Silk Protein,  Wild Cherry Bark,  Rosemary,  and Tea Tree & Sage Extracts.  It helped ease frizz in my sons hair and helped detangle his hair.  I love the fact that it also helps repel lice!  The scent is once again hard to pinpoint but definitely not a girly scent.

Styling Gel For Children - My sons love the color of this product because it is their favorite!  I like the fact that it is easy to use and once again helps repel lice from their hair.  I usually use styling gel on my oldest sons hair when styling his hair.  I was somewhat hesitant about trying this particular brand because I have struggled with certain brands not holding well enough on my sons thick hair.  It actually worked really well!  It contains all natural ingredients including the following Wild Cherry Bark,  Lavender,   Rosemary,  Avocado Oil & Tea Tree. 

Shampoo For Children - This green colored shampoo works by cleansing the hair,  all while leaving it healthy and repelling lice.  Why wash your children's hair with regular shampoo,  when you can use lice repelling shampoo!  It is made with all natural ingredients including, Rosemary,  Citronella,  Ginger,  Chamomile,  Tea Tree,  Lemongrass & Lavender.  It really lathers well and leaves my sons hair so fresh and so clean!

Conditioner For Children - I am particularly fond of the lavender colored conditioner.  It is gentle on my sons scalp and lathers up well.  It contains all natural ingredients including one of my favorites...Aloe Vera!  It helps your child gain healthy hair and scalp while repelling lice.  It worked well,  and is definitely worth trying.

BUY IT:  Zippity Doo's products range in price from $10.99 - $12.99,  depending upon the product and where you purchase it.  You can purchase Zippity Doo's products at Target,  CVS,  Wallgreens,,  and many other stores. 

*Disclaimer - Zippity Doo's provided me with their entire line of product to review and sponsored my giveaway.  In no way does this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*


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