Saturday, August 20, 2011

Good Clean Love


Good Clean Love is a site that offers fun and exciting products that will help spice up your love life.  While browsing their site you will find Personal Lubricants,  Love Oils,  Body Candies,  Adult Toys,  and Gift Sets,  for fun bedroom play.  Hey,  even adults need playtime- just a different type...wink,  wink!  I am sure their products will arouse you and leave you in the mood for a little bit of between the sheets action.  They provide customers with nothing but the best as their products are very safe,  healthy,  and clean.

Good Clean Love sent me a variety of their products to review.  Let's start out with my favorite product,  their Carribean Rose Passion Candle,  which actually comes from one of their old lines of products.  This 4 ounce candle smells like rose but with a little bit of an added twist to it.  It is pleasantly scented,  and sure to fill your room with an exotic spicy scent.  It burns for quite a while and definitely long enough to set the mood and atmosphere of your entire room.  You can purchase a Caribbean Rose Passion Candle for only $5.00 on their website.

I also received a Cinnamon Vanilla Personal Lubricant to review.  Let me first say that I was intrigued by the unique flavor of this amazing lubricant.  I love the fact that it is organic,  it just seems so much safer than your average lubricant.  What a great way to enhance your love life in a natural way!  They do not contain parabens,  or petrochemicals but they do contain edible natural and organic ingredients. You can purchase a 4 ounce lubricant for $14.00 on their website. 

Besides the Cinnamon Vanilla lubricant they also offer Almost Naked,  Lavender Rose,  and a sampler pack,  or single sample pillow pack.  These lubricants are recommended by health care professionals and sex therapists nationwide.  Because they are totally safe you can use them while pregnant,  with latex condoms,  and with toys.  They will give you the extra glide you need without leaving you with an unwanted sticky feeling.  What more could you want in a lubricant!

Good Clean Love provided me with two of their Edible Body Candies to review.  I received the Cocoa Mint Body Candy and the Vanilla Chai Body Candy,  although they also offer Spicy Orange as well.  All of their Body Candies come in a 2 ounce jar and just like their lubricants they are 100 percent vegan,  and contain 100% natural ingredients.  They provide the taste of delicious desserts,  without all of the unwanted calories!  I loved the Chocolate Mint Flavored Body Candy,  due to the fact it reminded me somewhat of an Ande's Mint candy.  The Vanilla Chai was also very appealing,  and smelled and tasted great.  You can purchase a 2 ounce jar of body candy for $12 each,  on their website. 

Disclaimer - Good Clean Love provided me with a variety of their products to possibly review.  In no way did this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*


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