Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Host an Eden Fantasys Adult Party!

***Please be aware that this post contains adult content.  It features adult party ware,  favors,  and gags used at an adult party.  If these type of products offend you,  please do not read this any longer.  Also,  it would be a good idea if you children are not in the room with you while viewing this post. The links in this post will take you to an adult site.***


Recently I was invited to co-host a Adult Party/Birthday party with an adult theme.  The first thought that crossed my mind was "Eden Fantasys",  because I know they offer a nice selection of party favor and gag gifts perfect for an adult party!  Besides that they also offer Adult Toys  and Lingerie,  which makes great gifts as prizes,  for any adult party,  or desirable play toy for yourself.  Browse through their selection of Naughty Party Favors and Gags and you will find everything you need to make your adult party a saucy success!  For your adult party needs Eden Fantasys offers Naughty Gifts and Gags,  Adult Games,  Sex Toy Party Ware,  Party Costumes,  Edible Treats,  and Inflatable Party Dolls. 

 Shopping for the items was a lot of fun,  as many of the items gave me a good laugh.  How could you not laugh at a penis watergun,  or at pecker party ice coolers!  While browsing Eden Fantasys you will notice that everything has been reviewed,  so you can read other customers opinions about the products,  which I found to be very helpful.   In the end I ended up purchasing seven different fun naughty party favors and gag items for the party.

Penis Party Utensils

Every party needs party utensils but what better to have at an adult party than Penis Party Utensils!  They come in a set of 24 containing 8 spoons,  forks,  and knives.  They are  your average table utensils because they come equipped with a penis!  The handle of each plastic ware set features a penis shaft and the very top of each utensil features a penis head.  Place them in a cup and they also make a great decoration for your tabletop.  You can purchase the Penis Party Utensils for $6.99.

Penis Birthday Candles
Give your birthday party cake or adult party cake/cupcakes a naughty little twist when you add these penis shaped candles to the top!  The pack comes with a set of six medium sized candles and one large candle,  all shaped like an erect penis.  If the cake doesn't surprise  your guests the candles sure will!  We placed some on the cake and one on the birthday cupcake as well.  The candles definitely will bring a festive mood to any bachlorette party or adult themed party!  You can purchase a pack of these candles for only $3.99.

Dancing Boobies
This set of dancing boobies is actually a wind up toy that will surely get some giggles at your party.  No matter if you buy them as a novelty item or as a decoration,  they will definitely stir up some conversation.  They make a great decoration or favor for any adult themed party or gift for someone with a good sense of humor.  You can purchase these Dancing Boobies for only $3.99.

Dicky Sippy Straws
If you could order just one novelty decoration for your adult party I would recommend these!  These cocktail shaped straws come in a package of ten.  The Dicky Sippy Straws will definitely get people talking,  they sure did at our party!  They are a great way to show off your skills,if you know what I mean...wink,  wink!  We placed them in our Pink Pantie drinks and they worked just like a regular straw only they looked just like a penis!  You can purchase a package of them for $5.99.

Mini Torso Shot Glass 
I ordered 5 Mini Torso Shot Glasses for the party.  Although they say mini,  I don't think there is anything "mini" about them!  They are big enough to provide a nice amount for a shot if you plan on taking shots out of them.  We used them for decoration during the party,  and later handed them out as favors.    They would also make great gifts for men because I don't know any man that wouldn't appreciate drinking shots of a woman's  body shaped into a shot glass!   They cost only $3.99 each, which is totally worth it! 

Grow - a - Pecker
You know those toys you buy for your children that grow in water well these are the same things only made for adults!  These lil peckers grow 100 times it's size within hours!  Simply drop it in water and before you know it the pecker will be huge! This fun gag gift is made for ages 18-100 and made by Pipedream.  We used them as gag gifts at the party,  although they make great prizes and favors too!  You can purchase a Grow - a - Pecker for only $2.99. 

Stroking Peni - Pen
This is not just any old pen this pen will have you cracking up(if you have a good sense of humor like me)!  This pen is fully functional and works just like any other pen,  except for the fact that it makes a stroking motion as you write.  We used it as a gag gift at our party although it also make a great prize at any type of adult themed party!  You can purchase this hilarious pen for only $3.99.

The Adult themed party ended up being a huge hit thanks to Eden Fantasys for providing me with all the items to make it successful!
All of the Eden Fantasy items at the party got the guests talking and sure stirred up lots of conversations.  Our party wouldn't have been such a hit if it wasn't for Eden Fantasys!  The picture(to the side) shows some of us ladies enjoying the party.  Thanks again Eden Fantasys for making our party and exciting and memorable party!  It sure wouldnt have been the same without Eden!

*Disclaimer - Eden Fantasys is providing me with a $55 gift card in exchange for this post.  In no way does this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*


Lorie said...

Looks like you had fun! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm your newest follower!

JENNi said...

looks like you had a great time! Never thought about having an adult party but with Edens Fantasy, makes it look like alot of fun, so I just may have to throw one soon! I love the decore of the boobs, and starws, but my fave has to be then pen lol. :)
Great Review!!

Rose said...

Wow... looks like a good time! I think we're due for some adult fun. Thanks for entering into my giveaway and for putting posting my blog button. I have posted your blog button on my site as well.

I have another weekend blog hop going on right now. I'm going to be picking a co-host (for next week) from those who link up. Hope to see you there and keep in touch!