Monday, August 8, 2011

Preschool Parties Book

Ever since I was just a young girl I have always enjoyed planning parties.  Now that I am older with three young sons I get plenty of opportunities to plan parties.  I am always in search of fun party ideas that my children will enjoy, so when I was asked to review a copy of "Preschool Parties" I gracefully accepted the offer.  I actually receive a lot of pitches from authors and pr reps to review books and a lot of times I have to decline,  but there was no way I was going to decline this one!  I was very anxious to read the book and fill my mind with fun activities and ideas for my middles sons 3rd Birthday Party that will be coming up soon. 

As soon as I laid eyes on the book I knew it was going to be packed full of fun party ideas.  The front cover features fun party scenes,  while the back is covered in vibrant colored clown cupcakes.  The title of the book is called "Preschool Parties easy ides for Princesses,  Pirates & Other Little People."  The title of this book fits it to a tee.  This 144 page book is jam packed full of F-U-N!

The Preschool Parties book features fun party ideas for children ages 1-8,  depending upon the theme of each party,  which is perfect for our family because that is the exact age group of our children.  Overall the book contains fifteen fun filled theme parties for boys and girls.  Although,  I do not have any daughters,  I enjoy gathering the information to share with my friends and family  that have girls.   Some of the party themes are directed towards one gender or the other ,  while others can be enjoyed with both boys and girls.  My seven year old son and my two year old son enjoyed flipping through the pages and looking at all of the fun themed parties.

This book does all of the thinking and planning for you,  so all you have to do is invite the guests and set up your party!  Each party theme includes games,  activities,  a complete menu that corresponds with the party theme,  and tips to make your party a success.  Illustrations in books are a must have for me,  so I was pleased to see illustrations on every page.  Bright colorful images will pop out at you and catch your attention,  making you want to read all about the parties!

I think my oldest sons seemed to be most interested in the pirate party.  I personally liked the Splish Splash themed party,  which make a perfect way for your little ones to celebrate the hot summer months.  The "Icecream Cone" cupcakes recipe really helps top off the Splish Splash party.  I was very impressed with the "dumptruck" cake featured in the Truck Rally party.  The cake is served in an actual toy dumptruck and the cake can even be served in a shovel!  Each party theme is unique and full of innovative ideas.  I think of this book like a party planner in a book!

*Disclaimer - I received this book  free book for review purposes.  In no way did this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*