Friday, August 5, 2011


My children love ride on toys,  so I knew they would flip when I recently got a chance to review a PlasmaCar.  Ride on toys prove to be one of the favorite toys among young children today.  I guess they like the fact that they can drive them around like their very own little car.  When I was just a young girl,  I remember how excited I would get when  I received a ride on toy as a gift,  it was always  my favorite type of gift, so I understand how excited kids get when it comes to ride on toys.  I have three sons ranging in age from 1  - 7 1/2,  so I knew they would surly put the PlamaCar to good use!

Before I go any further,  let me introduce you to the wonderful company that makes PlasmaCar  PlaSmart came about in December of 2002, when Tim Kimber(a then owner of an ecommerce business) came across a group of  children testing a  ride on vehicle that they called the fun car.  He became fascinated by the unique way the car was propelled so he began negotiating with the seller of the product.  Within a month he had renamed the fun car to PlasmaCar and PlaSmart Toys Inc. began!  Now that Ive introduced you to their company let me introduce you to one of their products,  the PlasmaCar!

As soon as the PlasmaCar arrived,  I knew it was exactly that,  by the huge picture on the box.  I couldn't wait to open the box to see what color they sent,  since the PlasmaCar is available in six different fun colors including purple,  pink,  blue,  yellow,  green,  and red.  I knew any of the colors would be okay,  just as long as it wasn't pink,  then I may have had a hard time getting them on it. I was pleasantly surprised to find a red colored PlasmaCar which was just the color I was hoping for.  With a little bit of imagination the red PlasmaCar easily turns into a vibrant red race car! 

I thought it may take a while assembling it but,  wrong!  It was actually very easy to assemble and required little work on my part,  in about twenty minutes it was fully assembled and ready to ride.  As soon as my kids saw it they screamed with excitement!  My two year old said "Like It"! and my seven year olds face lit up with joy as soon as he saw it.  My one year old seemed to immediately know what it was because he  tried to sit on it! 

I let my seven year old ride it first since I figured he would be able to figure it out,  so he could teach his younger brother how to do it.  We decided to use it outside on the flat pavement.  It took him a good ten minutes,  but before I knew it he was going all over the place.  It uses arm movements and steering to move it but he really adjusted well to it.  It seems to really build up speed when going down a down hill slope. 

Before riding this toy he has used a motorized toy,  so riding on this toy was quite different.  Instead of pushing a button he has to execute energy on his own making this a great form of exercise for him.  It allows him to get all of that extra built up energy out of his system!  I really love the fact that the PlasmaCar runs off of natural energy that young children tend to have.  Instead of sitting watching the TV screen,  now he always want to get out and active on his newest favorite toy,  the PlasmaCar!

Okay so after my seven year old mastered it we let me two and a half year old give it a spin.  It took him much longer to really grasp the concept of how to get it moving but he ended up figuring it out,  and had just as much fun as his older brother did.  He was so proud of himself when he finally figured out how to get it going!  We let me one year old sit on it and he propelled himself with his little legs.  It was so cute watching him scoot around on it and he had such a huge grin on his face the entire time he was on it! 

You probably should not ride it on cracked or bumpy pavement because it will not work well.  It is best to operate it on smooth pavement free of bumps or a flat basement floor.  Because it requires no batteries or motor it is super quiet unlike many of his battery operated ride on toys.  I would  have never thought it but even an adult can ride on it that is considering the are 220 pounds or less on a smooth flat surface and 110 pounds on a rough flat surface.  I got on it since I am short and decided to give it a try!  It did not move as fast when I was riding on it and I'm thinking it's really due to the fact that I weigh so much more than them! 

This kid powered toy would make a perfect gift for any child no matter if its a birthday or Christmas.  The only problem we have been experiencing  with it is the kids argue over who gets to ride it!  Never the less,  they love it and get hour after hour of enjoyment out of it.  Even though all of my sons enjoyed the PlasmaCar it is recommended for ages three and up.  This toy is a great investment because it can be used for many years without outgrowing it and it can also be passed down to younger siblings. 

BUY IT:   You can purchase a PlasmaCar

*Disclaimer - I received a PlasmaCar free of charge for review purposes.  In no way did this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*


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