Saturday, September 17, 2011

New England Coffee


Take Dessert add Coffee and what do you get?   You get your dessert and coffee at the same time when you drink New England Coffee exclusive coffees.  New England Coffee is a family owned company that has been providing high quality coffee to satisfied customers for over 90 years now.  When they first began they were located in Boston,  where they hand roasted coffee and delivered their famous coffee by horse and wagon.  Today,  they are located in Massachussettes where they have expanded their business into five biuldings as they have become New Englands largest coffee roaster.  The years may have come and gone but their philosohy and goals have remained the same. 

New England Coffee offers Light & Medium Roasts to Iced Coffee to Seasonal to Decaffeinated,  so they really offer you a wide variety to choose from.  Not to mention all of the delicious and even unique flavors they offer including Blueberry Cobbler,  and even Peach Cobbler.  You will find that all of their flavors are free of lactose and do not contain fat or cholesterol.  New England Coffee makes a great addition to recipes including food,  hot beverages,  and iced  beverages,  all of which you can find on thier recipes section. 

New England Coffee kindly provided me with three 11 oz. bags of coffee in three different flavors to review.  To be totally honest with you iced coffee is one of my favorite beverages to drink, so much so that I even consider it a treat.  I loved the fact that the coffees they sent me can be iced for my drinking pleasure.  I received their New England EyeOpener Blend,  Blueberry Cobbler,  and Peach Cobbler blend coffee,  so I decided to start off with the EyeOpener Blend for my morning coffee.  It definently woke me up and gave me a little burst of energy to start my day! 

I couldnt wait to sample the Peach Cobbler and Blueberry Cobbler because I have never tried fruity coffee,  but I'm always open to trying new flavors of coffee,  so I decided to serve them my favorite way...on ice just how I like it!  I brewed the coffee using drip method,  making sure to use cold filtered water(only filling it up half as much as what I normally would).  After that I used about double the coffee that I would normally useand wallah,  delightful iced coffee was born!   Th reason why you make the coffee double strength with only half as much water as normal is because this ensures it will keep it's flavor when poured over ice.

Here's what I thought about each of the Coffee Flavors.

EyeOpener Blend - This smooth coffee is the perfect way to start a morning off!  I loved it's blend of medium-roasted Coumbian and Central American beans as the provided the perfect blend of rich coffee flavor.  This coffee is great served hot or cold.  It is great to serve it cold because its strong flavor is not easily deluted by the ice.

Blueberry Cobbler - This coffee will take you on a journey to the country with its sweet juicy blueberry flavor with a touch of spices to make one of the best fruity coffees you will ever taste!  Pour it over ice and it makes a tasty summer treat!

Peach Cobbler - It's as easy to indulge in the Peach Cobbler flavored Coffee as it is to indulge in homestyle peach cobbler!  Flavors of Peach blend with Cinnamon and really compliment each other. 

BUY IT:  You can purchase a 9 oz. bag of New England Coffee EyeOpener Blend or a 11 oz. bag of Blueberry Cobbler or Peach Cobbler Coffee for only $6.49 at New England Coffee.

To learn more about New England Coffee visit them on their website,  or connect with them on Facebook.

*Disclaimer - New England Coffee kindly provided me with three bags of coffee,  free of charge,  for review purpsoses.  In no way did this alter my opinon of their products.  All of my opinons are one hundred percent honest and true.*



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