Saturday, September 3, 2011

Olly Oogleberry


Let me introduce you to a fun line of children and adult  clothing that features a cute little alien by the name of Olly Oogleberry.  They offer both apparel and goodies including Shirts,  Stickers,  Posters,  and more!  Basically Olly Oogleberry offers two different types of T-Shirts: Classic,  and All Over T-Shirts.  Their classic T-Shirts are made out of 100% fine jersey cotton and are made by American Apparel.  Their All Over T-Shirts are constructed out of 100% super soft Polyester using high res dye  to keep the images free of cracks,  peeling,  or flaking off.

Olly Oogleberry is adorably designed with large blue eyes with rainbows shooting though each pupil,  a small pink button nose,  four fingers on each hand and a baby blue body.   Olly Oogleberry provided me with two shirts to review on my two year old son.  We received the Army of Olly and the Planets Aligned T-Shirt.  I received a size four T-Shirt in each style which fit my son perfectly.  He will soon be turning three and he usually likes his shirt to be a bit baggy so the sizing of the shirt just right for him. 

The Army of Olly T-shirt features an entire army of Olly Oogleberrys along with seven different hellos in various languages.  This particular shirt is available in four fun colors including: Slate,  Orange,  Pink,  and Lemon.  This shirt is available in unisex so that boys or girls can wear it.  It's durable rib neckband allows my son to easily slip it over his head with no problem.  Every time we go somewhere he always wants to wear his Army of Olly T-Shirt!

The Planets Aligned T-Shirt is also a unisex T-Shirt,  but contained a tad bit too much pink for my son,  so we decided to give it to our little niece.  This shirt is full of bright vivid colors that will be sure to catch your eye along with the cute little Olly Oogleberry character!  It is available in four fun colors: Fuchsia,  Slate,  White,  and Baby Blue.  It is made and printed in the USA and should be machine washed in a cold cycle. 

BUY IT:  You can purchase the Army of Olly or the Planets Aligned for only $22 at

*Disclaimer - Olly Oogleberry provided me with two items free of charge for review purposes.  In no way did this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*


Ai Sakura said...

hi fellow mummy! your son is so cute.. and I see you have 2 more! haha..

thanks for following me on my blog. Am following u here. I've just linked up my Facebook page . If you have time do drop by ;p

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Helena said...

Hi! :) Visiting from the Let's Get Social Sunday hop. I think my son will love Olly Oogleberrys - it is awesomely cute :)