Wednesday, November 30, 2011

*** Birthday - Balloon Time Giveaway

A party isn't a party without balloons.  That being said,  our party wouldnt have been a party without the help from Balloon Time.  Usually purchasing balloons ends up being a huge process starting with purchasing them in the store.  Then theres that dreaded ride home where the balloons float all over your car and your lucky if they dont end up in the passenger seat with you or blinding you while you drive.  Once you get home then you have to get them in the house without them escaping and flying away in the process.  I am so relieved that I found a product that helps me avoid all of the stress and hastle of purchasing and transporating balloons so without further or due,  let me introduce you to a wonderful company by the name of Balloon Time!

Balloon Time offers an awesome variety of Helium Balloon Kits, that are portable and covenient.  You have the option of choosing from four different options including Helium Balloon Kits,  A La Carte Kits,  Create A Party Kits,  and Specialty Products.  No matter which Balloon Time product you choose,  it is sure to make your party very fun and exciting. 

I received a coupon good for any Balloon Time product priced $39.99 or less so I headed over to my local Party City to pick one up.  I frequently shop at Party City,  so I knew they stock the product and sure enough it was in stock.  I found it at the front of the store displayed by the check out line.  They offered The Balloon Time Standard and Jumbo Latex Helium Balloon Kits.  Of course I chose the Jumbo size which cost only $10 more than the standard size.  Instead of having to get them blown up at the store and carry them to my car,  I simply carried the box out and placed it in my truck.  No worries!

Usually when I host parties I purchase a few helium filled balloons from the store and then a bag of balloons to blow up at the party.  By the time I'm done blowing up the balloons I usually end up light headed,  so it was so nice to use the helium tank to blow them up instead of my lungs.  Not to mention the fact that these balloons actually float,  and the ones I blew up just stay on the floor.

The Balloon Time Jumbo Latex Helium Balloon Kit comes with:
  • A Portable 14.9 Cubic-Foot Helium Filled Tank
  • 50 Vibrant,  Assorted Color, 9' Balloons
  • A Spool Of Ribbon
Each Jumbo Latex Helium Balloon Kit will fill fifty 9' balloons or twenty-seven 11" balloons. 
    About an hour before the party we used the helium tank to fill up the ballooons with helium using some of the balloons from the kit and a few mylar balloons that matched the theme of the party(Candy Land).  I tied the ribbon on each balloon and then curled the ribbon for an added extra effect.  During the party I used them as decoration and as guest went home I sent one each with each child,  so by the time the party was over I didn't have many balloons to get rid of.  The childrens face lit up with a smile each time I gave them a balloon of their own to take home with them.  After the party was concluded we tied up the rest of them and let my kids let them go up up and away, high in the sky! 

    Besides using the Balloon Time Balloons as decorations you can also use them for other things too!
    • Games - Fill balloons with helium.  In atleast one balloon add $1 or a $5 bill then fill with helium.  Let them go and then let the children at your party grab one each. The winner will get the money! This game is fun and also helps decorate your party!
    •  Favors - Tie a curled ribbon on each balloon and hand out one to each guest as they leave your party.
    • Invitations - Write your party information on a balloon and hand deliver to recipients.
    • Activity for your party - have children decorate their balloons with stickers and faces.
    The Latex Balloon approximate float time is 5-7 hours,  long enough to last for any party.  No matter how you use your Balloon Time Balloons they are sure to be a hit at your next party or get together,  I know they were at mine! 

    LEARN MORE:  To learn more about Balloon Time be sure to visit them on their website,  and connect with them on Facebook.  While on their site you may want to check out their fun Party Ideas. 

    BUY IT:  You can purchase a Balloon Time Jumbo Latex Helium Balloon Kit from a Store near you.  Use their Store Locator to find a location near you.

    *Disclaimer - Balloon Time provided me with a coupon good for the item mentioned above,  free of charge,  for review purposes.  In no way did this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*


    eclairre said...

    like the theme of Harry Potter

    kristin said...

    I love the baby shower one with the rubber ducks!
    Lexijo213 at yahoo dot com

    Kathy Davis said...

    I would like the Creative Party Helium Cylinder kit to use when Paul, my low functioning autistic student turns ten. What Fun!!

    Kathy Davis

    Darlene said...

    I like the Toy Story theme

    VickeC said...

    Host a Make-Believe Party for your Princess or Pirate

    mkjmc said...

    I would get the Grad party set

    Terra H. said...

    I like the Themed Party Idea: Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Thanks.

    Rebecca Graham said...

    I like the Twilight Theme.

    rhoneygtn at yahoo dot com

    carol said...

    would like the Grad party

    Missy L said...

    I like the Toy Story theme

    Allison Downes said...

    I love the harry Potter Theme!

    Kelsey said...

    I liked the toy story one!

    Kelsey said...

    I liked the toy story one!

    McKim said...

    I liked the Toy Story: Host a party that goes "to infinity and beyond!" theme.

    Sherrie Cruson said...

    The Pretty In Pink Princess Party theme!

    Baby Balloons said...

    A fantastic range of balloons to really make a statement at your party! Perfect for baby showers, new baby celebration parties, naming day & christenings.BalloonsThnks a lot.

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    josh said...

    i think da party here baloon column was cool.

    Jessica E said...

    We think the Balloon Time kits are awesome. So many cool theme kits. My girls would love the princess kit and my boys the racecar. The Halloween kit is cool too! Thanks for the giveaway.