Monday, November 7, 2011

Holiday Traditions

With Thanksgiving approaching us soon this month and Christmas right around the corner, it's time to start celebrating with some holiday traditions.  

One thing I fondly remember doing as a child is decorating with my mother and sister.  We would gather straw from the back field and use it in our Thanksgiving settings and decorations. Along with home grown pumpkins,  which made for perfect decorations.  Then when it came time to decorate from Christmas we would always use snow paint with stencils to festively decorate the windows.  Besides that,  we would decorate a mini town with mini lighted houses,  people, and cars.  It really make the house come alive with Christmas and Thanksgiving Spirit! 

Another great tradition we have done over the years is creating homemade ornaments made out of dough.  Not only do they make great decorations,  but also great activities to do with the children. You simply use dough and cut it with a cookie cutter,  then bake it, and decorate or paint it.   I still have one that I made when I was just a young girl and every year we always hang it on the tree.  The kids have a blast making them and showing them off afterward!

Last but not least,  every year we bake Christmas Sugar Cookies and decorate them with christmas sprinkles and candy.  They are fun for the kids to help make and eat afterwards too!  This is an activity just about all kids enjoy doing,  especially eating them afterward.  We use to always make them the night before Christmas,  so we could leave some out for Santa on Christmas Eve.  The kids enjoy chasing them down with hot chocolate while the adults like to chase theirs down with some nice coffee flavored with Coffee-mate.

Sometimes,  it can be just the little things that make big memories,  so keep that in mind this year and start a holiday tradition that your family can enjoy yearly. 

*Disclaimer - I am a member of the brew crew.  I am receiving 300 points in exchange for this post.*