Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Littlest Angel DVD


As fall sets in and Winter draws nearer,  we are starting to watch more and more movies.  We snuggle up on the couch with blankets and our favorite movie snacks and watch movies as a family.  And with Christmas approaching us soon,  what better to watch then Christmas related movies!

This has to be one of the cutest movies I have watched in a long time!  Just the characters alone will give you a feel for how cute this movie is.  This spectacular DVD is based on the fifteenth best selling childrens book of all time,  The Littlest Angel.  Matter of fact,  the book was very first released all the way back in 1946.  Although,  they have added some new elements to the story,  it is still the same story that everyone remembers from their childhood. 

This magical story takes you on an adventure as  a michevious young boy who can sometimes be quite michevious returns to earth to earn his wings.  After a young boy arrives in heaven before his time,  he travels back to earth with his favorite pup(Halo),  to retrieve a priceless gift for The Baby Jesus.  Littlest is always late for class and has a crooked halo, while all the other little trainee angels are growing their wings through endless good deads.  What seems to be easy soon proves not to be easy at all! 

This precious story teaches children that the most precious gifts in life are faith,  friendship,  and doing the right thing.  The animation in this film is extraordinarly darling and will captivate your childrens attention the entire time,  well it did my childrens anyways!  This sweet little family film would make a perfect Christmas gift or stocking stuffer. 

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