Thursday, December 15, 2011

2011 Holiday Gift Guide Day 14 - Le Pampered Pig Giveaway

What bath and beauty company offers oinken good products?  The answer is simple...Le Pampered Pig!  Their interesting pig emblem is just as interesting as their products,  which you will notice upon first glance of their site.  Each product has it's very own adorable little name which coincides with their overall pig theme.  At Le Pampered Pig they specialize in luxury artisan products for all your body care needs.  Their excellent products along with their amazing customer service makes Le Pampered Pig an awesome site to shop on!

Le Pampered Pig was kind enough to let me take a look around their website and select a few items to review.  It was a lot of fun looking through thier selection of bath and body products,  as I browsed all their unique items.  I selected their Swine Time Body Massage Candle because I love a good massage and candles so what better item to try then their massage candle!  I also selected a bottle of their Cream of the Trough cream because I heard it was one of their best selling items,  so I figured there was a good reason behind it.  Thirdly I chose a package of their Pork Patties because well to be honest I thought they were just kinda different and I liked the name. :)  When I received the package I was pleasently surprised to see they also sent me a bar of their Hog Wash All Natural Soap!

Let me just say I absolutely love the Cream Of-The-Trough cream!  Not only it is silky,  but it smells pig-a-licious!  It's scented with a Oatmeal,  Milk,  & Honey scent which I found to be a very sweet and plaeasing scent.  It is creamy yet goes on smooth and absorbs into the skin easily while not at all greasy.  The Cream leaves my skin noticably smooth and soft,  just how my husband likes it!  The Cream Of-The-Trough cream is available in a 2 oz. bottle for only $12.00.

The Pork Patties Bath Cookies were really fun to use.  I simly tossed a couple of them into my warm bath water while the water was still running.  They fizzed up as they released just the right amount of foam into my bath water.  The Cocoa Butter in the bath patties left my skin nice and conditioned.  You can purchase a package of six pork patties for $10.00.

The Swine Time Body Massage Candle took 30 minutes to heat up which is quite a while compared to other massage candles but in the end the thirty minutes it took to heat it up was totally worth it.  The warm oil it produced added to the enjoyment of our massages.  It also works great as a lotion for my cuticles,  knees,  and elbows.  You can purchase a Swine Time Body Massage Candle for $16.00.

The Hog Wash Black Rasberry Cream All Natural Soap smelled absolutely amazing!  It featured swirls of a light rasberry color mixed with a cream color.  This amazing soap is surprisingly made in a kettle and is made with only the finest plant-based buttters & oils.  You can purchase a bar of their hog wash soap for $7.00. 

*Disclaimer - Le Pampered Pig provided me with the items mentioned above,  free of charge,  for review purposes.  In no way did this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*

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I am a new follower via GFC
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I like the Something's CORN-Y.

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Another product I would like to try is Shampoo Bar

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