Monday, December 12, 2011

Switched At Birth DVD

Ever wondered about people being switched at birth?  Well Switched at Birth introduces you to what it may be like to be switched at birth.  It's interesting and intriguing because it is so hard to wrap your mind around anyone possibly being switched at birth and raised by parents who you think are your biological parents yet you look nothing like them.  This is exactly what happens in Switched at Birth.

About This DVD Set:

This two disc DVD set introduces you to two families affected by a huge mixup at the hospital when they were born.  The girls were accidently switched at the hospital after birth and are raised by two totally different families.  Daphne Vasquez (Katie Leclerc)  becomes deaf after a bad case of menegitis when she was three and lives with her struggling single mother and Peurto Rican  grandmother.  While Bay Kennish ( Vanessa Morano) is a very artisitic teen who grows up in a very wealthy neighborhood raised by her stay at home mother and her former professional player baseball father.  Bay also has an older brother whom she is very close to.

After Bay finds out her blood type in school,  she soon finds out it does not match her parents and begins to wonder.  The family soon finds thereself at genitic testing where they get the shock of their life!  After realizing that Bay is not their biological daughter they soon seek out their biological daughter and the families meet for the first time.  When Regina (Constance Marie) is faced with hard times and may have to move,  the Kennishas allow her and Daphne to move into their guest house. 

As the two families come together the two girls begin realizing their similarities and understanding their differences.  Througout the season the daughters wonder what is in a certain guitar case which ends up coming out towards the end of the season.  The guitar case just so happens to tie in with the Regina's secret that is soon revealed when Kathryn (Lea Thompon) and John (D. W. Weffett) attend a meeting between their lawyer and the hospitals lawyer.  And what would the end of the season by without another shocker...Bays biological father shows up out of the blue wanting to get closer to his daughter that he had never met. 
My Thoughts:

Although,  this television has aired on Television I missed all the episodes because I do not have cable television at the moment so it was truly a treat to get to watch this entire season one on DVD.  The DVD consisted of two DVD's and a total of ten entertaining episodes.  I am actually quite pleased that I got to watch it on DVD because it saved me from commercials and I was able to watch all the episodes back to back,  so I didnt miss out on anything.  ,

Each episode had my wondering what would happen next and kept me intersted the entire time.  That doesn't happen much these days because most of the time I find myself watching reality shows,  but this show really caught my attention and held it the entire time.  Of course this show has it's boy troubles,  which really happen to be complicated.  I must say though I'm really whooting for a certain relationship.   I think Emmett is probably my favorite character because he has such a sweet personality and is true to his character.

I had such a good time watching season one and I can't wait for season two,  no really I just can't wait to see what happens!  I'm really hoping that Emmett and his girlfriend(who I am not revealing),  take their relationship a little bit further and Bay becomes closer to her biological father.  I'm also quite anxious to see the outcome of the courts decision. 

Buy It:

Run Time:
430 Minutes

Release Date:
December 13, 2011

Release Format:
2-Disc DVD Set


*Disclaimer - I received the DVD mentioned above,  free of charge,  for review purposes.  In no way did this alter my opinion of the DVD. All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*


Anonymous said...

I love 'Switched At Birth'! Such a great show. <3

Lots of love, B
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My Journey With Candida said...

I am going to have to watch that!! Sounds like something I might like.

Every Day Products & More said...

i seen this on my netflix and was hooked it's a great show can't wait till next season i watched all ten episodes in two days

josh said...

dis looks like a good show. i bet my gf wud love dis dvd. ima tell her bout it.

Kim said...

This is a show I never really got into. I saw a couple of them but it never hooked me.