Wednesday, December 21, 2011

With Christmas within only days,  most of you are excited about both giving and receiving gifts.  But if you really think about it what is the best gift basically anyone can receive?  In case you didn't guess it is a gift card of course.  I mean who doesn't like gift cards,  even my three year old loves gift cards!  Although they make the perfect gift for just about anyone,  they are also perfect for that hard to buy person on your gift list and I know we all have atleast one of those on our list.   For me it just so happens to be my older brother,  so this year you know what Ill be purchasing for him.

I love giving gift cards because they save me lots of time shopping for gifts and on  top of that they are readily available at most the stores I shop at.  Within a minute at the gift card section I can pick out gift card gifts for everyone on my list,  if I choose to and rest assure that they are happy with their gift.  And the variety of gift cards is basically never ending!  It seems like just about every department store,  drugstore, and restaurant offers gift cards these days.  For instance I'm able to purchase a Red Lobster gift card for my brother because it's his favorite restaurant and a Starbucks gift card for my mom because she loves her java fixes.

Gift Cards come in a variety of styles and colors so you can usually purchase a gift card designed perfectly to fit the personality of the recipient.  For example I can purchase a holiday decorated WalMart gift  card for my mom and I can also purchase a more manlier decorated Wal Mart gift card for my brother.  Gift cards do not require wrapping so it saves me time and money on dreaded wrapping events.  I call them events because it's basically an event in our family when we have to wrap due to all the gifts and time it takes to wrap them.  If you want to get really creative you can make your own gift card holder and make it a fun activity to do with your children.  Or you may want to make it more traditional with a store bought gift card holder,  which can be purchased for as little as only one dollar at the Dollar Store.

Some other great reasons to purchase gift cards are:

  • You can earn rewards - A lot of grocery stores offer rewards towards your next shopping trip when you purchase gift cards from their store.
  • You can save money at the pump - Customers can save lots of money on fuel by receiving discounts from purchasing grocery stores nationwide.
  • Convenience - Many brands all in one spot to save you lots of time.
If you have a couple on your Christmas shopping list you may consider purchasing a gift card to give to the both of them rather then purchasing a gift for each of them,  allowing you to save both time and money.  This is what I usually do for the couples on my gift list such as my sister in law and her husband.  And what's best about is I never have to get a gift receipt because I know they are going to like it!  

Here are some great ideas for how to wrap up your gift cards:

  • During Christmas time you can easily find ornament gift card holders which are perfect because the ornament can be used long after the gift card is spent.
  • For children purchase a plush gift card holder so they can have a cuddly plush along with their gift card plus it makes a great presentation.
  • During the holidays you can wrap it up in a tiny stocking you can purchase for less than a dollar at stores such as WalMart.
  • Add it to a gift basket that goes along with the theme.  For example,  you may want to place a Blockbuster gift card in a movie basket.
  • Place it in a card made specially for gift cards. I am sure you can find them in the card aisles at your local stores. 

Be sure to visit to do a little gift card shopping and purchase gift cards for all those still remaining on your gift list!  

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