Friday, January 20, 2012

Sweets on a Stick Giveaway

Have your sweets on a stick and eat them too!  Perfect for any holiday,  celebration,  or every day treat  The "Sweets on a Stick" offers plenty of recipes and ideas of how to eat some of your favorite treats on a stick.  I mean what better way to eat a treat then on a stick,  it gives you something yummy to eat in a fun way - on a stick!

Sweets on a Stick offers over 150 kid friendly recipes for cakes,  candies,  cookies,  and pies - perfect for on the go!  This amazing book will tease your tastebuds and please your eyes with all the scrumptious looking and sounding recipes.  I was able to gather some great ideas just from flipping through the pages.  After examining the book further I found that it is packed full of great tips and information too.  

Sweets on a Stick is organized into 10 fabuous chapters,  organized by which type of pop the recipe is,  for example: cake pops,  fruit on a stick,  ect.  I was especially excited by chapter 2: Cake Pops because I have been wanting to make some for quite some time now,  but didn't know how to go about making them until reading this book.  Not only does it offer cake recipes,  but also ways to design the cake pops.  I can't wait to try to make the Gold Fish Bowl Pops and the Gumball Pops!  I was very thrilled to see that in Chapter 10(the last chapter),  it describes ways to display and decorate your pops,  which I have been trying to find for quite a while now.  

I had no clue you could place cupcakes on a stick until reading this awesome book that was able to fill my mind with brilliant ideas such as Outside the Box Pops including Popcorn Balls ansd Snickers Sticks.  It was a lot of fun to read and I am sure the recipes will be even more fun to make!  I plan on trying them out for Valentine's Day coming up and my son's 2nd birthday party,  not to mention all of the celebrations after that!  Not only do they make great treats for parties they also make perfect favors,  classroom party treats,  and gifts!  And one of the best things about them is that they are extremely portable and do not require any table wear or eating utensils.  

Linda Vandermeer is the talented author of "Sweets on a Stick".  Her interest in cooking started as a young child helping her mother bake in the  kitchen.   As an adult she began learning techniques and and classic cooking in master classes with famous chefs,  but after having three children she was inspired to learn more kid friendly recipes that her kids could enjoy.  Inspired by her childrens creativity she decided to start a blog Bubble and Sweet,  that features a lovely assortment of sweet recipes.  Some of her recipes have been featured in Peekaboo Magazine and many of her images of her creations have been featured in magazines as well as photo shoots.  

BUY IT: You can purchase "Sweets on a Stick" for only $16.95

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WIN IT:  One lucky reader of Mizz Review Lady is going to win their very own Sweets on a Stick book!  I know,  exciting right!  

*Disclaimer - I received "Sweets on a Stick" free of charge,  for review purposes.  In no way did this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*

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Cynthia Anne said...

I made cake pops for my son 5th birthday

agarner723 said...

I haven't tried to make any yet, but I want to!

Deb K said...

Haven't made them yet~But plan to so this would be Awesome!

Jenny said...

Haven't made them, but would like to

sandy1955 said...

No, I have not yet but funny to see this because I JUST bought the things needed today to make the cake pops my daughter keeps telling me about.
sandy1955 at comcast dot net

JENNi said...

I never made sweets on a stick, bot OMG!! would love to learn how :) ty

Darlene said...

I made cake pops for xmas but the were not on a stick

Candie L said...

I never have, but this is my first summer home as a teacher. Will have lots of extra time with the kids. Thank you