Monday, January 16, 2012

What's In A Name

It wasn't until I was graduated from high school that I got my first puppy,  which just so happened to be a Chihuahua.  He was black and white with brown accents all over his body and to me he was the cutest little puppy I had ever laid my eyes on.  I remember he fit perfectly in the hoody of my husbands sweater,  he was so tiny and cute.  I wanted to find a name that suited his personality so I waited about a week before deciding to name him Chico.  

I chose to name him Chico because in Spanish it means "boy" and that described him to a tee!  I mean he definitely acted like a boy and  he marked his territory like a boy(hahaha!).   Not to mention the fact that he's a Chihuahua,  so the name "Chico" was perfect for him.  As he grew a little bigger we realized that he was becoming lonely so we decided to get him a girlfriend,  so before we knew it we had another dog and another dog to find the perfect name for.  

The second Chihuahua was little and petite and very girly.  She pranced around like a little princess and was so dainty that we decided to name her "Tinkerbell".  After a while calling her Tinkerbell just seems to long,  so we ended up nick naming her "Tink".  Her name actually comes from Walt Disneys Peter Pan films.  But if you want to go back,  all the way back to 1904 "Tinkerbell" actually comes from a fictional character from J.M Barries play - Peter Pan.   She plays an animated fairy who leaves a trail of pixie dust behind.  

After the two dogs moved in as I like to call it we thought we had enough dogs,  but that was until we met "Peanut".  A friend of mines uncle had won her in a poker game,  but the dog seemed to have been abused,  so of course we decided to keep her too.  Naming her was somewhat harder than naming the other two because she was different than the other two.  She was a mixed breed of what we think to be half Chihuahua and half Dachshund.  Her head is small, while her body is long and sets very close to the ground.  Because her head is so small and she is very similar to a peanut in color we thought an appropriate name for her would be "Peanut". 

So three dogs later and after that we thought we were finally at our limit of dogs until little tink got pregnant!  Turns out Chico and Tinkerbell had been a little busy,  so it resulted in one of the cutest little male puppies we had ever seen.  It was a white pure bread Chihuahua with patches of blue(Gray).  It was full of energy just like Tink and Chico and looked like a mix of the both of them. We really wanted to keep him,  but we just didnt have enough room for another dog.  Once he was old enough to sell we decided we wouldn't sell him at all we would give him a good home at my older sisters house,  someone that is a huge dog lover.  

So, we knew the puppy would need a good name,  but after two months we still didn't have a name chosen for him,  so we left it up to my sister to decide.  Because she already has a bunch of other bigger dogs she thought that "Little Dude" would be a perfect name for him.   Little Dude is the smallest of all of their dogs and to them a "little dude".  Because my great nephew(who is just one), can't say his name fully he made a nick name up for him "lil dew".  Little Dude still comes to visit and play with him mom(Tinkerbell) and father (Chico) from time to time.

Naming your pets can be alot of fun and there are so many different names and meanings to choose from that you can be sure to find one to suit your pets personality such as we did with the four dogs mentioned above.  

I am sharing this story about my dear pet as a part of the “What’s in a Name?” Campaign hosted by DogFenceDiy, the invisible fence alternative. No matter the name, DogFenceDiy cares about the safety of dogs everywhere.

*Disclaimer - I received a Amazon gift card in exchange for this post as part of my participation in "What's in a Name" Campaign.  In no way did this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*


My Journey With Candida said...

The puppy in your picture is so, so cute. I miss having animals but we are on the go so much that it would be unfair to bring an animal into our home.