Friday, March 2, 2012

KRAFT Milk Bite Milk & Granola Bars

Recently I was lucky enough to receive some brand new Milk Bite Milk & Granola Bars by KRAFT and I couldn't have been more excited to try them out.  Our family are huge granola bar lovers so the fact that these certain bars contain dairy made me even more eager to try them.  After all,  when do you come across a granola bar that is made with real milk!  That's right every KRAFT Milk Bite contains as much calcium as an 8 oz glass of milk!

I received two boxes, one chocolate and one strawberry.  Because they are made with real milk they must be refrigerated,  so they shipped them to me on ice packs and in an insulated lunch bag,  which I must say was very nice.  We will certainly be reusing it for my husbands lunches.  I placed the in the fridge and pulled a few out in the morning for myself, and both of my youngest sons.  

The chocolate bars were drizzled with chocolate while the strawberry bars were drizzled with strawberry, of course.  The consistancy is that of a granola bar but more moist due to the dairy in them.  I really liked that because they were not super dry like most granola bars.  They make a perfect snack in the morning or during the day that our entire family can enjoy.  Our overall favorite is the chocolate even though the strawberry tastes really good too. 

KRAFT Milk Bite Milk & Granola Bars:
  • Contain 5 bars in each box.
  • Provide a great source of Calcium.
  • Contain no artificial flavor, colors, or preservatives.
  • Are a good source of fiber.
  • 30% daily value of Calcium

BUY IT:  You can find KRAFT Milk Bite Milk & Granola Bars in the dairy aisle of your local grocery store.  

LEARN MORE: To learn more visit

*Disclaimer - I received the items mentioned above,  free of charge, for review purposes.  In no way did this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*


My Journey With Candida said...

My Grandkids would love these. I would too, if I could eat sugar.

Erin said...

These seriously sound delicious!

Erin said...

These seriously sound delicious!

Jaimie said...

huh! I hadn't heard of these.. I need to see if I can't find some...