Monday, April 16, 2012

The Clorox Lounge - The Last Comic Standing Sweepstakes

Where can you go to read hilarious anecdotes, fun contests, exciting giveaways,  coupons, and comic relief?  The answer is simple,  head on over to the Clorox Lounge,  which is hosted by a comedian named Sherri Shepherd.  It is the perfect online site for moms like me and you to visit for a good laugh and much more.  The Clorox Lounge celebrates the bathroom and let me tell you there's a lot going on in the lounge or should I say the "bathroom"! For me the bathroom is the only place I can get peace and quite during the evening while taking a nice hot bath. 

I have great news for everyone,  The Clorox Lounge is currently hosting the Last Comic Sitting Competition and Sweepstakes.  Besides the sweepstakes they are also offering plenty of fun activities so be sure to check them out and enter while your at it.  You will be able to vote for your favorite comedian, so get your votes in to help your favorite comedian because each week one is eliminated. As of now there are two mom comedians and two dad comedians still in the running. 

 You will also have a chance to win $10,000 in The Last Comic Sitting Contest.  Entering is super easy,  simply The Clorox Lounge to sign-up and then you will be automatically entered to win the top prize.  Additionally, you can receive two additional daily entries by logging in and commenting until April 22, 2012.  Now, how easy is that!  Oh, and you may also enter to win cool prize packs.

The Clorox Lounge is all about putting a smile on your face so hopefully If you listen to this story it can save you from having a frown on your face.  I was asked to share a time when I decided to be frugal or cheap and it backfired on me.  Although, I have many stories I could choose from, I decided to tell you about the time I took the children to  a free day at a local amusement park in our area.  

It seems like the kids are always wanting to go somewhere and get something or better yet put, get everything so when the chance came to receive free admission,  ice cream and face painting at a local park I decided we might as well save a few bucks and attend.   Of course,  the kids were super excited when they found out about the park, ice cream, and face painting and bothered us and bothered us until the day arrived.  When we arrived we should have known better by all the cars in the parking lot,  we drove around for ten minutes before having to park far away.  Then, we got stuck waiting in a huge line just to get in.  

When we did finally get in,  we were almost knocked over by kids running around everywhere.  It was like a collage of kids, melted ice cream, and long lines!  Oh, the lines went on and on and of course when we told the kids we should come back another day they wouldn't have it.  So, after a little bit over an hour the kids finally were able to get their faces painted.  By the time that wait was over and we had to wait in the icecream line they were out of my kids favorite flavor (cookies n' cream) so they were stuck with plain vanilla.  After the long day came to an end, we were stuck walking a mile back to the car.  

I have to say the free admission, free face paining, and free ice cream was not worth the long lines and wait.  We definitely learned our lesson and are now happy paying the money instead of trying to get it for free.  Sometimes it is worth it to be frugal and save money but other times it isn't worth it in the long run because you end up paying in one way or another!

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My Journey With Candida said...

I am with you... I hate long lines and being packed in a place like a sardine.