Friday, May 11, 2012

Baby Week - Baby Harmony

One of the things I hate most about cleaning is the strong smells from the harsh chemicals.  I always have to be careful when using them with my children around and now when I am around,  because I am currently about 16 weeks pregnant in my 2nd trimester.  

I no longer have to worry about my family being exposed to strong fumes from cleaning products because I was recently introduced to a wonderful company called Baby Harmony.  They generously provided me with their entire line of products and let me tell you I was extremely surprised to receive two boxes filled with cleaning products.  But,  Baby Harmony doesn't just offer your average cleaning products, their cleaning products are actually all natural,  so they are safe for your entire family.  

HG Labs just so happens to be a certified "women owned business", which doesn't surprise me because who knows better what a child needs then women themselves!  That is, coming from a women's point of view of course...wink! Wink! The business is actually owned and opporated by a Sharron McAdams, who just so happens to be a grandmother that proudly has ten grandchildren.  As a grandmother of 10 grandchildren she developed the product seeking out a cleaner that is safe for all of her beloved grandchildren, and she sure succeeded in her mission!  Her husband formulates all of the products that you will find on  When you contact Baby Harmony either by email or phone it will reach the owner. 

Get to know Baby Harmony Baby Cleaning Products:

  • The Harmony brand is certified “Green” in the Whole Foods Market Eco Scale.
  • Baby Harmony products are 100% natural, 100% plant-based and 100% non-toxic. 
  • All Baby Harmony products are 100% money back guaranteed!
  • They are safe for you, your baby, and the planet.
  • All of their products are Green America Certified.
  • They are cruelty free and made in America.
Baby Harmony offers a wide selection of just about any type of baby cleaners you could think of including some unique ones too!  Here's what I thought about each item that I received:

~ Baby Harmony All-Natural Hand Soap - This hand soap is much like regular hand soap but not as thick.  Use it as you would any hand soap and it will leave your hands clean without all of the dyes and fragrances used in regular hand soap.  My son loves washing his hands because he knows the soap is especially for him.

~ Baby Harmony All-Natural Glass Cleaner - I love using this because I don't have to worry about my kids breathing in lingering harsh fumes afterward.  It works great on both my mirrors and windows.

~ Baby Harmony All-Natural All Purpose Cleaner - This 32 oz bottle is perfect to use on basically all surfaces.  I use it on my counters and even to clean my desk surface.  

~ Baby Harmony All-Natural Toy & Highchair Cleaner - This item is one of my favorite items made by Baby Harmony.  My children must have a ton of toys so it is nice to own a cleaner that is  made to specifically clean them.  I also love the fact that it can be used to clean high chairs,  and we all know what a mess babies can make in their high chairs!  

~ Baby Harmony Dish & Bottle Wash - This is perfect for both dishes and bottles.  Because this cleaner is so safe it does not leave the chemical residue that many harsh cleaners leave behind.  This is very gentle on your hands and your babies dishes.

~ Baby Harmony Floor Cleaner - This product is especially perfect for my younger children because they are constantly putting toys, and food in their mouth that has been in contact with the floor.  When using this floor cleaner to clean my floors I can rest assure that they will not be getting any left over chemical residue from the floor. 

~ Baby Harmony All-Natural Tub & Tile Cleaner - I can't begin to tell you how happy I am to have this fabulous product on hand. Usually when I clean my tub the chemicals are so harsh they chase me out of the bathroom but I don't have to worry about that when using the tub and tile cleaner by Baby Harmony.  Matter of fact, I can even use it right before I take a bath.

~ Baby Harmony Stain Remover - I am a mother of three boys so I am extremely familiar with stains.  What is a brand new shirt one minute is a stained shirt the next so it is nice to have such a safe effective stain remover on hand.  

~ Baby Harmony Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner - I can't begin to tell you how many times my children spill stuff on the floor.  That is where the Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner by Baby Harmony comes to the rescue.  I will certainly be stocking up on some of this stuff when my baby(who currently resides in my tummy) is old enough to crawl.  

~ Harmony Lavender Essential Oil - I love the scent of lavender,  it reminds me of my mom because she has always enjoyed lavender scents.  Many people are unaware of it's many uses but it can actually be used to help migraines, asthma, combat stress, help you relax, and even cold, flu and other ailments! Baby Harmony also offers about four other types of oil.

~ Baby Harmony Laundry Soap - As a mother of three kids I go through a ton of laundry so it is nice to have such a safe brand of laundry detergent to wash their clothes with.  My children tend to break out easy when it comes to laundry soap,  so I love the fact that it is such a gentle brand.  Their clothes come out nice and clean every time and does not cause them to break out. It is very concentrated so a little goes a long way.  

~ Baby Harmony All-Natural Non-Cholorine Bleach - I have always hated the strong fumes from bleach but it is a must have when it comes to cleaning supplies.  I no longer have to worry about the harsh fumes though because I now use the Baby Harmony brand that is extremely safe for your entire family, including babies!  It does not contain any toxic ingredients, so you can rest assure your family is safe while using it.  

SAVE:  Baby Harmony is offering Free Shipping with a $20.00 purchase + a $10.00 gift with a $10.00 purchase plus for a “Like” on their facebook and grab a code for $5.00 off of any purchase!

LEARN MORE: To learn more about Baby Harmony visit them online, connect with them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter.

*Disclaimer - I received all of the items mentioned above,  free of charge, for review purposes.  In no way did this alter my opinions of the products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*


kids wear said...

I think that choosing baby care products is very important work for parents because they have to decide whether the product will suit them or not and its good for them or not.

My Journey With Candida said...

I never use to realize how important this is to have baby products that are natural. Now that I am older and wiser... I realize what harsh chemicals can do to our delicate systems.

VickeC said...

good to know,ive got 3 new grandbabies on the way an id love to try going the Natural way