Thursday, May 3, 2012

Jr's 2nd Birthday at CHUCK E CHEESE'S


My youngest son turned "2" last month so to celebrate we decided to have his birthday party at the one and only  - Chuck E Cheese's! I mean what kid doesn't like CHUCK E CHEESE'S and besides I figured it would make for a easy birthday party and it sure did!  So,  I purchased  some favors and bags from the Dollar Store and made them ahead of time.  Then, I scoured the Sundays newspaper for a coupon.  I was able to get 2 Large 1 topping pizzas, 4 soft drinks, and 110 tokens for only $50.  

Then, I wanted to make it even easier on myself so we purchased a 1/4 sheet cake from Chuck E Cheese.  I bet your wondering how much a cake costs from Chuck E Cheese, well it was $16 for a 1/4 sheet but it actually tasted a lot better than I thought it was going to.  We ordered the Vanilla cake although they also have Chocolate available.  We also, brought some Cake Pops from (review to follow soon).  

Okay, so of course I bought him a Birthday fit, which consisted of sunglasses and shorts from The Children's Place, a plaid shirt from Walmart, and a pair of red Chuck Taylors from Kohl's.  

We invited all of his grandparents, a couple of his aunts, and a few of his cousins. (We wanted to keep the party nice and simple so we didn't invite many people).  

The kids had a blast watching Chuck E Cheese perform, playing games, riding on the rides, trading their tickets in for prizes, and of course eating Pizza and Cake!   


My Journey With Candida said...

How cute he is... He looks adoreable with that Build a cow in the giveaway picture.

VickeC said...

how adorable,,I love Chuckie Cheese,the perfect place to have a party

Joy said...

What a cutie, adorable hair and Granddaughter just turned one in March ;)

Anonymous said...

looks like your lil manz had a great time at chucky cheese and he was BIG PIMPIN with those shades!!

josh da man