Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Baby Shower Event - Infantino Park Place Review

Infantino is a very popular baby brand that makes award winning baby toys, travel gear, carriers, and shopping cart covers.  I am sure you have probably come across their brand while out baby shopping, I know I sure have many times.  Their line of products are all designed and styled with your baby in mind.  Infantino is a very trusted brand,  so you know you can rely on them for quality baby products.

Infantino recently provided me with a Park Place to review and feature on my blog.  With a baby on the way, I knew this would be coming in quite handy.   The Park Place by Infantino has many great uses and we will definitely be putting it to use just as soon as my little rosebud arrives!  

The Park Place can be used for:

  • Diaper Changes - Simply unfold it and place it wherever you may need for a quick spot to change your baby.  As moms, I am sure we can all relate to having trouble finding a spot to change our baby at times but the Park Place will eliminate that problem all together!
  • Play Time - At the park and don't have a place to put your baby? Then simply unfold the Park Place and you will instantly have the perfect place for your baby to play!
  • Hard Surfaces - Instantly turns a hard surface into a comfortable spot for baby to play. 

I love the fact that this product can be folded up for easy storage.  It also makes it very convenient to bring with you wherever you may need it weather it be at a friends house or the park.  It's compact design makes for easy attachment to any stroller, purse, or diaper bag. The Park Place is a great item to use not only outdoors but indoors too!  

The Park Place is red and white in color and is decorated with a design,  so it can be used for both boys and girls.  The mat opens up to be an extra large mat measuring 27" by 27", making it the perfect size for baby play!  It's water resistant,  so you don't have to worry about spills or spit ups.  The mats surface is wipeable making it a breeze to clean up.  

BUY IT: You can purchase The Park Place for only $14.99. 

LEARN MORE: To learn more be sure to visit infantino.com.

*Disclaimer - I received the item mentioned above, free of charge, for review purposes.  In no way did this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions expressed in this post are one hundred percent honest and true.*


My Journey With Candida said...

All new mothers could so use this. I like how it folds up and doesn't take up a lot of space.