Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Florida Orange Juice + Ice Age Movie

This past Saturday I headed to Walmart to pick up some Florida Orange juice for our in home orange juice demo.  The store location I visited was not participating in in store demos but many locations were that day.  It's okay though because the thought of an in home demo sounded a lot more fun!  And on top of that we were have a family viewing of Ice Age for the kids in celebration of the New Ice Age movie that is coming to theaters soon.  

My family love drinking orange juice with their morning breakfast. Not just any orange juice though, Florida Orange Juice!  Florida Orange juice is 100 percent all natural juice,  so it's very healthy for them and also tastes fresh, just how we like it!  

In celebration of Ice Age 4 that will be hitting theaters on July 13th, we decided to watch Ice Age while we drank our Florida Orange Juice.  The kids love the fun characters in the movie, all three of them, including our oldest who is eight.  We are looking forward to watching the brand new Ice Age 4 movie in theaters soon.  

The kids and I enjoyed drinking our orange juice while watching Ice Age.  

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jenzen69 said...

We, too, love Florida Orange Juice but I have to drink the pulp free, I am just so glad they have this option or I wouldn't drink it at all

Nickareno said...

The New Ice Age movie looks super cute; I can't wait for it to come out on DVD! I also love orange juice! :)

My Journey With Candida said...

I love OJ. I try to limit my drinking a lot of it because of the sugar content. I can't wait to take the Grandkids to see the new Ice Age movie.