Friday, June 1, 2012

Irish Spring Clear & Fresh Skin

Have a teenage boy that suffers from breakouts? Then you should check out a great product by Irish Spring called Clean & Clear Fresh Skin body wash.  Not only does it clean your skin but it also makes it help clear up and leaves it feeling fresh without having to change your regular routine.  

This product is so unique that it is actually the first men's body wash that offers anti-acne benefits!  Irish Spring Clear & Fresh Skin Body Wash leaves skin with a fresh clean scent that lasts for an entire 8 hours.  It is extremely affordable and perfect for any teenage boy suffering from acne.  

Irish Spring Clear & Fresh Skin Body Wash contains 2% Salicylic Acid which is the leading acne-fighting ingredient.  This amazing product not only fights off blemishes but it also washes away dirt and oil, making it an ultimate confidence booster.  

 So my boys are still way too young for acne breakouts but my nephew sure isn't.   While my nephew was here I gave it to him and he tried it out for me.  He said he really liked the manly fresh scent and he has continued to use it.  His acne has even cleared up some which is huge for him because he has major problems with acne.  He said he will continue to buy it.  

BUY IT:  You can purchase a 15OZ Bottle for $3.99 at mass retail and grocery stores beginning in March 2012.

*Disclaimer - I received the item mentioned above,  free of charge, for review purposes.  In no way did this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions expressed in this post are one hundred percent honest and true.*


My Journey With Candida said...

My Hubs and I have always loved Irish Spring... and this wash is great since that seems to be all he wants to use anymore.