Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Walker Edison Bunk Bed Free Blogger Event

BunkBedsAtoZ is sponsoring a fabulous giveaway hosted by Children Teaching Mama! The prize will be for a Bunkbed worth $549!!!

Event Dates:
This event will be taking place June 15th to July 10th.

This event is currently taking FREE blogger signs ups so be sure to sign up and add either your Facebook or Twitter link. You can ENTER HERE! An additional link may be purchased for only $3.

Sign Ups
~Bloggers will have the choice to either posting an announcement on your blog about the event including a link to both the sponsor and host OR making a $5 paypal payment to with your email and "Bunk Bed Event" in the message.

~Money collected in the event will go towards event fees and referral prizes.

~You will receive the HTML code for the event atleast three days before the event. Be sure to post it on June 21st at noon because all posts will be verified and those who do not post will be deleted from the giveaway. 

~Please only sign up after you have either posted about the event or sent the paypal payment.


My Journey With Candida said...

Boy, this event is coming right up.

I tweeted it if you want to retweet

Sandy VanHoey said...

Exciting! This is a big one and can't wait to enter