Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Blog Spark - Playmobile

Wanna take your child's soccer match with you on the go? No problem, the Playmobil Take Along Soccer Match allows you to do just that!  The 22 x 33 inch field gives your children plenty of room to challenge each other to a soccer game, no matter where they are!  The Playmobil toy includes all the figures and everything you need to score some goals and if your good, win the game!  

Recently, My Blog Spark provided me with a Playmobil Take Along Soccer Match to play with and review with my oldest son, who just so happens to be eight.  The toy is actually recommended for children ages 5 to ten years.  We thought it was a really great idea because it allows your children to play soccer without having to visit a soccer field because the soccer field is in their very own toy! This way when he can't play soccer during the winter months he can still play it in the house.  As soon as my son saw it his face lit up with excitement.  He plays soccer occasionally,  so he already had a good concept as to what to do.  

The Playmobil Take Along Soccer Kit includes a soccer field, soccer ball, accessories, and of course figures.  All of the pieces conveniently fit into the carry case,  which is compact and easy to store. This allows you to bring it with you on a vacation or just leave it in their playroom.   The figures themselves are actually very innovative.  Their leg even performs a kicking action to propell the ball forward for even more realistic play.  The goalie figures connect to the goal joystick allows children to control the goalies movements from behind the goal net.  

My son plans on taking it to his friends house the next time he spends the night so he can match his friend to a game of soccer.  He also plans on letting children play it at his next birthday party to show it off and let others join in on all the fun.  No matter where your child plays with it, he is sure to have lots of fun playing it!  

I usually include a giveaway with my My Blog Spark reviews but this time I am offering it to one of my sons classmates.  No worries though, the next My Blog Spark review I will be including a giveaway on my blog.  

LEARN MORE: To learn more be sure to visit Playmobil online, and become a fan on their Facebook Page.

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*Disclaimer - I received the item mentioned above, free of charge, for review purposes.  I am a member of the My Blog Spark team. In no way did this alter my opinion of their product.  All of my opinions expressed in this post are one hundred percent honest and true.*


Sandy VanHoey said...

I love that this comes in it's own case so they can take it with them when they go visit their friends. Not to mention, cleaning up their mess

My Journey With Candida said...

What a fun looking game, so nice it comes in its own carry case.

Megan said...

Cute! It's like foosball but a little more modern. :)

Jennifer Young said...

That looks like a lot of fun! I think my girls would really love it!

FireRunner2379 said...

That looks like fun, kind of like foosball or dome hockey. My two boys would probably like this and it would be a great game for the winter while were trapped inside most of the time and so they aren't glued to the TV! I think it's great you offered it up to a classmate of your sons!