Sunday, October 14, 2012

My lil bundle of joy has arrived!!!!!

I am happy to announce that on October 8th I gave birth to a healthy baby girl.  She is so precious and we have been enjoying every minute with her.  That goes for all three of her big brothers too, who by the way,  absolutely adore her!  She has five fingers, five toes, and is perfect in every way including her sweet personality.  She isn't a fussy baby at all,  so she makes it easy on mommy and daddy.  She is our little princess and we feel very blessed to add her to our family. So I bet you can't wait to meet her.....Please meet Alawna Marie Young!

 On her Birthday and w/Daddy! <3

Her very 1st dress/outfit~!  She wore it for her hospital pictures. Yes, I came prepared~!Matching headband, dress, toy, and blanket!

Her lil head is so small that her headbands fall off her lil head right now. I expected her to have a big head because all three of her older brothers were born with big heads but shes so dainty!
Big Brothers with Baby Girl! She already knows to keep atleast one eye open around her mischievous big bro's,lol!


Sandy VanHoey said...

She is beautiful...Congrats to all of you! That time seems like it went by fast. I remember you first announcing It's a Girl!

Courtney Tucker said...

Yay, Congrats, she looks like your husband!
I was just wondering yesterday if you had her, knew I never seen it announced yet, she is precious!
Good job Mommy! : )

latanya t said...

Congratulations!! She is beautiful.

Lovely Light said...

Congrats! What a special time. Take it easy, if you can!

My Journey With Candida said...

A big WELCOME to Alawna Marie Young!

Oh my Gosh Lawna!! How cute she is. I have missed so much on your blog.

Love that big Pink Bow in her hair.

Terra H. said...

Congrats! She's absolutely adorable, with her full head of hair.