Friday, November 2, 2012

How To Find PR Rep Contacts

I have been blogging now for a little over two years. I started out just cold pitching sites, pretty much as clueless as can be.  I can now proudly say that I am contacted on a daily basis with pitches from pr reps, marketing firms,  and companies.  Now don't get me wrong, I still cold pitch sometimes, but it's always nice to get plenty of pitches coming my way too! 

That being said, I am also constantly getting asked to recommend other fellow mommy bloggers to them.  I also receive a lot of emails from bloggers wondering how I get so many products to review or how to go about finding contacts.  This got me thinking,  why not help out fellow bloggers and pr reps and companies at the same time!  So, today is your lucky day! 

Sign up on the google doc to receive pitches from pr reps and marketing departments that are in search of mommy bloggers - like you!  Be sure to fully fill out the form including what your review and giveaway interests are, that way marketing sources will know if your site is a good fit for their product/brand.  Please keep in mind the more information/detail you include the more likely the company/pr rep is going to be to reach out to you.

Your information will only be shared with pr reps/companies looking for mommy bloggers. If at any time you would like your name/info. removed from the list email me at

This is totally free! The only thing that I ask is that you please write a tiny post about this wonderful opportunity with a link to the form and this post(feel free to make it a no-follow link) on your blog AND/OR a post on your social media including a link to this post.

If you are having trouble viewing this form please visit this link:


Dominique Burleson said...

This is super cool. In my form, I put the Pinterest link, but I also Tweeted about it as well!

Terra H. said...

I filled out the form and tweeted about it. Thanks!

Naomie said...

Thanks for helping out!

Theresa Rezler said...

Thanks for the op. Tweeted and will put on my post