Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Magna Color

Let your children's imagination run wild with Magna Color from Tech 4 Kids! An innovative toy that allows your children to create amazing 3D creations using beautiful colored magnetic dots.

So your kids probably like to color...so does mine! And your kids probably make a mess...so does mine! But, with the Magna Color there is no mess and little clean up. That, along with the fact that it is a ton of fun for kids to play with, makes it an excellent choice for kiddos christmas gifts this year!

The Magna Color includes:
  • Magna Color Design Station
  • Underwater World Tracing Stencils
  • Magic Dot Dispensing Pens
  • 160 Magic Dots
  • 3D Ultravision Glasses
  • Screen Swiper
Using the Magna Color is super easy and super fun too! It kept my sons entertained for quite a while, which is a hard thing to do when it comes to my boys! They began by selecting a stencil and inserting it into the frame. Next, my oldest son used the Magic Dot Pens to decorate the fish. Each pen has a different color magic dot, and each magic dot can even be placed on top of each other to add dimension.

After my son created his beautiful colored fish(using the stencil), he placed the 3D glasses on, which really makes the picture pop out at you. All of my sons enjoyed looking at it with the glasses on. He then used the screen wiper to easily wipe the dots inside the top. I thought the dots might be too troublesome to put in the pens, but I surely was wrong! After that he had fun shaking the dots as they magically made their way to their spots. That's it, no mess, little cleanup! I don't know about you, but it sure made for one happy mommy.

The Magna Color goes way beyond your average marker, taking arts and crafts to a whole new level!

BUY IT:You can purchase a Magna Color for $24.99.

LEARN MORE: To learn more be sure to visit www.magnacolorfun.com.

*Disclaimer - I received the item mentioned above, free of charge, for review purposes. In no way did this alter my opinions of their product. All of my opinions expressed in this post are one hundred percent honest and true.*


Minta's Creations said...

I love this, it would make such a great Christmas present. I wonder if they have any with elephant pictures my son loves elephants. This is just so awesome!

Show Me Mama said...

This would definitely be a gift I will consider for my little one. It's looks like lots of fun and will keep her busy for awhile :)

FireRunner2379 said...

I need to find a gift for my niece and my brother told be she is into drawing and art type things. She's six so I think this might be good for her. Thanks for the review.

Janet W. said...

This is so neat! I love that it comes with 3D classes to bring it to life! How fun!

Jenn said...

That looks really neat!

Mary Gallardo said...

That looks really cool! My daughter loves anything where she can be creative!

My Journey With Candida said...

This is something I know my Grandson would really like. He draws on everything, some things he shouldn't be drawing on.

Are We There Yet! said...

My GS is not easy to keep entertained so this would be perfect for him.

karenmed409 said...

This is so cool, never seen a toy like this before. I can see why you like the clean up, reminds me of the Lite Brights toy. This will be something new and different gift giving.