Monday, April 22, 2013

Mommy Party - RIDEMAKERZ

In case you are not aware I am a member of Mommy Parties.  That means I get to host fun and exciting parties and then share my experiences with all of my  lovely readers. In order to ensure that my party is a success Mommy Parties generously provides me with the items necessary to make my party a big hit.  I have hosted Mommy Parties in the past and they are always a huge hit with my guests so when I was recently selected to host a RIDEMAKERZ party, you can imagine how excited all our friends and family were!  

Not familiar with RIDEMAKERZ you may say?  Then let me be the first to introduce you to them as you learn more about them while finding out all the details about our party!  RIDEMAKERZ is a fun toy for mainly boys but as we learned at the party, for girls too! RIDEMAKERZ are shoe box sized that come fully equipped with a body, stock treads, RZ Mix RIDESOUNDZ, A RZ tool case,  and a tool for Assembly.  And did I mention,  they even come with a set of working headlights and tail lights, which the kids especially liked.  They all come in a variety of fun designs, styles, and themes that will be sure to get your little mans engine roaring!  

(Pictured above - Some of the children at the party)

Originally we planned on inviting the boys in my son's third grade classroom but unfortunately a bad bug was going around the classroom so we decided to invite his friends, cousins, and neighbors.  We planned it on a weekend and gathered all the kids over for a fun time, and of course went with a "Cars" theme for the party.  As each guest arrived they received a special shirt as a favor.  There was car wheel snacks (Round Crackers with round cheese).  And then we served the children hot dogs and chips.  After the kiddos were done grubbing down, they anxiously sat down to put together their RIDEMAKERZ.  

Rev up your engines!!!

Since we received an assortment of different RIDEMAKERZ themed vehicles we decided it would be best to assign each child a toy so that we did not have to worry about them arguing over them.  Surprisingly all the girls were interested in making one too, but since there was not enough to go around I ended up using the two I bought for prizes for the girls to put together.  My husband along with his friend helped the children assemble their RIDEMAKERZ toys.

It's always nice when you can have a large group of boys together that actually are well behaved.  Perhaps the fact that they were creating RIDEMAKERZ had a big part in this,lol!  When all the kids where finished putting together their cars, they all took them outside for a race. I think they all agreed that their favorite part was that when they pressed down on the hood scoop it sounds the RIDESOUNDZ at the same time the headlights and taillights flash.  

After all the children settled down they all enjoyed a Cars themed cupcake to top off their sweet day.  

To connect with RIDEMAKERZ be sure to visit connect with them on Facebook and visit them on their online website

*Disclaimer - Mommy Parties provided me with RIDEMAKERZ for all my guests.  In no way did this alter my opinions expressed in this post.*


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