Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Nutella Boutique

*Disclaimer - I received the items mentioned below, free of charge, for review purposes.  In no way did this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions expressed in this post are one hundred percent honest and true.*

I have some exciting news for all of you Nutella fans out there!  Nutella just recently opened a boutique filled with Nutella brand products so you can show the world how much you love Nutella!  From apparel to accessories and more, Nutella now offers it!  

In case you haven't tried Nutella, let me fill you in.  Nutella is a sweet spread that tastes like a perfect blend of chocolate and hazelnuts. If you like hazelnuts and chocolate, then your going to LOVE Nutella!  This thick spread goes perfectly on a variety of foods. 

Their are many ways to use Nutella.  Below, you will find just a few of many ways to eat Nutella.  

  • On a sandwich 
  • Waffles, Pancakes, or French Toast
  • As a dip 
  • Spread on toast
  • As a topping on icecream
  • Spread on Tea Biscuits 
  • Many, Many, More!!!

I prefer to eat Nutella spread on a sandwich.  I cut up slices of bananas and place them on one side of a slice of bread and spread Nutella on the other.  The bananas compliment the nutty chocolaty flavor of the Nutella, perfectly!  Another way I like to eat it is on top of my vanilla icecream.  It can turn something plain into something extraordinary instantly. Recently I discovered a new way to eat Nutella.  I was making a cake and did not have any frosting so I suplemented with Nutella and it turned out asboultely amazing! I used a confetti cake, frosted it with Nutella, and then added crushed vanilla-chocolate oreos on top.  

I was lucky enough to receive a Nutella gift basket packed full of lots of neat Nutella items.  The gift basket included everything listed below:
  • Nutella & Go - This perfectly sized treat makes an ideal snack to take with you on the go, but can be enjoyed anywhere.  Speaking of, I am currently munching on it as I type this review and I must say the breadsticks make an ideal product to dip in the hazelnut spread which is also included in the snack pack. 
  • Coffee Mug - Features the Nutella brand to proudly show off that your a Nutella fan!
  • Nutella Spreader - The ideal item to spread Nutella with. I use it to spread Nutella on my sandwich and then to cut it afterward.
  • Nutella Tee Shirt - A perfect way to show off your love for Nutella!
  • Nutella iPhone 4 Case - The perfect cover for a iPhone.
  • Nutella Spread - Smooth, chocolatly, and nutty! This 13 oz jar is just the perfect size to keep in your cubbard. 
  • Fork
BUY IT: Nutella brand products range in price from $2.50- $18.50. 

LEARN MORE: Stop by the Nutella Boutique today to check out their exciting Nutella brand items, and show a little bit of fan love. 


Sherrie Cruson said...

My family and I love Nutella.

We like it on bread but mostly just grab a big spoonful and eat it right from the jar. I'll be checking out their new online boutique. Thanks :)

VickeC said...

I haven't tried Nutella yet but have been wanting too,,hubby says he wont but I will for sure

Mya Murphy said...

I am also a person who has never tried Nutella. I've heard great things and I've heard not so great things. Guess I will have to try it out and see for myself :)

Julie Wood said...

I have to get me some of this Nutella! I have never had it, and I must try it to see how good it is. How cute that there is now a Nutella Boutique!

Janet W. said...

I've never tried it on a waffle before. I bet that's good!

My Journey With Candida said...

MMMMmmmm Nutella is so good. One of the sweet things I miss.