Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Princess Twins of Legendale

*Disclaimer - I received the item mentioned below, free of charge, for review purposes. In no way did this alter my opinion of the movie. All of my opinions expressed in this review are one hundred percent honest and true.*

MGA Entertainment brings you The Princess Twins of Legendale on DVD. 

Experience the magic on DVD and Digital Download beginning on August 20, 2013!!!

This magically enchanted movie is available exclusively at Target.  It features amazing music, animation, and a great story line. 

Two princesses seperated at birth have no clue that each other exsists.  That is until one day when Princess Dawn sets out to find a life beyond the palace.  She soon discovers that she has a twin sister and they both work together to take over the evil and unite the kingdom.  Soon, both twins enchanting lives will unite together. 

Let me start out by saying this is brought to you by the creators of LalaloopsyTM, being that I knew that,  I expected this DVD to be awesome and it sure did not disappoint!   This movie is perfect for both younger and older children. Younger children will enjoy the animation and music, while older children will enjoy the story line. I myself enjoyed the beautiful animation. 

This movie makes an excellent addition to any girls DVD collection.  It really gives girls a look into how exciting it would be to have a twin. Something every girl wonders at some point in their young life, I am sure. 

EXTRAS: If you are a Bratz fan you will be excited to learn that this DVD actually features a handfull of "Bratzillas" webisodes.