Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The National Parenting Center

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Before going toy shopping this holiday season, be sure to check out the Holiday Seal of Approval report!

MONDAY - NOVEMBER 18, 2013 - The National Parenting Center has released its 23rd annual Holiday Seal of Approval report.  The final report of 2013 follows two months of consumer testing by parents and children at The National Parenting Center's test centers.  Parents can read reviews of all the award winning products from this and all three 2013 testing periods, Spring & Fall as well, at They can also find TNPC on Facebook and follow us on Twitter

The Seal of Approval evaluative process gauges consumer reaction to products currently being marketed to both parents and their children such as toys, games, books, videos, websites, educational products, etc.  Each is reviewed on a variety of factors including, but not limited to, price, packaging, design, stimulation, desirability, age appropriateness, instructions and more.  TNPC's Seal of Approval is ultimately a peer-to-peer review program to recognize and highlight products and services that have been met with a "thumbs up" by parents.
Since 1989, The National Parenting Center has established itself as North America's leading parent advocacy organization.  TNPC offers advice and information to parents on issues that range from pregnancy through adolescence.  The National Parenting Center's home page, offers visitors free access to hundreds of articles on parenting issues as well as Seal of Approval reviews. 


Julie Wood said...

This is a very good place to go to if a parent is having parenting problems that they do not know what to do about. I think that it has tons of help! What a great place to have available.

VickeC said...

didn't know there was a place like this,,,how nice is that,,everyone needs some help every now an then now matter how many kids you have,they are all different