Wednesday, December 4, 2013


*Disclaimer - I received the DVD mentioned below, free of charge, for review purposes. In no way did this alter my review. All of my opinions expressed in this post are one-hundred percent honest and true.*


Meet Meatball, a fun loving dog who is a care free dog from the country. Now meet Cassie, a well pampered pet from Hollywood. Imagine their owners marrying causing Meatball and Cassie to be forced to live together as a well blended family, Only problem is they are nothing close to well blended. Cassie and Meatball don't get along, that is until a couple of thieves plot to break into their family home. The dogs come to together to defend their home, as they learn that even though their very different, they still make a great team! This hilarious yet heartwarming family proves it takes all breeds to make a family!

With Winter almost here, it is extremely cold here. It means less time outside and more time inside. It also means our family watches a lot more movies lately. It is important that we watch movies together, but it's not always easy finding one that our entire family can enjoy. I can say without a doubt, our whole family enjoyed watching this funny movie. My boys got a kick out of Meatball, especially when he refereed to Cassie as "kitty-kitty".

 This is another great film by RLJ Entertainment, and a great addition to our collection. 

DIRECTOR: Geoff Anderson


CAST:  Dylan Schmid, Eliana Jones, Joris Jarsky, Ryan Belleville

RUN TIME: 85 Minutes

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VickeC said...

how cute does this movie sound,,my grandkids would love this an so would I

Julie Wood said...

I love dog movies and this looks like a really fun movie to watch these two dogs who do not get along come together to stop thieves from getting into their home. I must see this cute movie!

Mer said...

How cute! This does look like a good family movie.

momo said...

(STEP DOGS DVD) What a cute movie, had really never heard anything about it until reading this. Thanks for the heads up.