Wednesday, January 22, 2014


*Disclaimer - I received the items mentioned below, free of charge, for review purposes. In no way did this alter my review. All of my opinions expressed in this post are one-hundred percent honest and true.*

Tommee Tippee is a leading brand of baby bottles, breast pumps, pacifiers, and other baby feeding products. Tommee Tippee to our family means a reliable company that we can count on to provide our baby with safe yet efficient baby feeding items. That is why we were especially excited to review a couple new items from Tommee Tippee, including both bottles and pacifiers.

My daughter has always been a binky baby(AKA Binky Princess!). Matter of fact, she was sucking a pacifier before she ever left the hospital. My daughter has always had her favorite binkies, but now she has a new favorite. The new Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature every day orthodontic pacifiers are specially designed to calm your baby while providing them with a pacifier that they will love. Speaking of love, let me tell you some of the reasons why we love Tommee Tippee's new line of pacifiers:
  • They come in fun styles and colors
  • BPA and Phthlalate-free silicone
  • The pacifiers are available in three sizes/age stages - 0-3M, 0-6M, and 6-18M.
  • You can clean them in your dishwasher or sterilizer making them very convenient to clean.
  • Offers a symmetrical orthodontic shape

In addition to the pacifiers, we also received some a three pack of limited edition bottles. The cool thing about them is that they come in fun colors! They are available in both girl and boy trio sets. We received a girls set, which included thee colors - Pink, Purple, and a sea green color. These bottle sets are exclusively sold at BabiesRUs for $23.99. 

As you may know, my daughter turned one last October, which means she is currently using sippy cups; however, I frequently watch my niece so I decided to let my niece try them out. I was so relieved when she took right to them. Usually with new bottles babies can be hesitant, but she seemed to like it from the moment she laid eyes on it. I mean,  you can't blame her because the colors are so pretty! We love the bottles for many reasons including:
  • The soft silicone nipple mimics natural latch, and feeling of breastfeeding. This enables us to feed her pumped breast milk, without a fuss.
  • BPA and Phthlalate-free 
  • Features an intregrated easi-vent that helps prevent airingestion, which can lead to colic, gas, and general fussiness
  • Because they come in fun colors
LEARN MORE: To learn more, be sure to visit TOMMEE TIPPEE online.


MikiHope said...

I don't have any children but my niece is about to have her first in February. I will be sure to tell her about this site and may even buy a pacifier or two to send to her!

Anonymous said...

Okay, those are so cute! And I love the shape! Very unique!

becca said...

i miss the baby stage and all the cute baby products with i could turn back time

Vinma said...

My little girl could really use one of these. She especially loves all different colors of bottles and sippy cups. Cool product here! Thanks for the review :)

Sarah-Louise Bailey said...

I can't believe all the thing Tommy Tippy does now I'm sure at one point it was purely just the cup :) x

VickeC said...

we love their products,with 11 grandbabies an 2 more on the way,,so yes we use them a lot

Theresa Mahoney said...

I've been hearing a lot about these lately! I wish I would have had some Tommy Tippy when my girls were small. Not only are they functional, but stylish too!

Katherine Bartlett said...

I have always loved their products. They are so great for kids!

Kristal Deane said...

Currently I don't have any children but these are really cute. I've heard/seen of this company when my little sister was born. They seem to make pretty good products. :) Great review!