Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spa Event - Skinny Dip Candles

*Disclaimer - Skinny Dip Candles sponsored items for my party. In no way did this alter my review.  All of my opinions expressed in this post are one-hundred percent honest and true.*

"Having a Spa-Tacular Day" Event 

COMPANY: Skinny Dip Candles 

Skinny Dip Candles are much more than just a candle. Matter of fact, they offer a 4-in-1 candle meaning that they can be used for four purposes: Candle, Body Balm, Massage Oil, and Lotion.  Their Eco-friendly candles are made using the highest quality of natural ingredients.  At Skinny Dip Candles you will find that they offer over thirty desirable scents including fruity, food, and floral scents - just to name a few types.


  • (3) Massage Candles 

For the party, Skinny Dip Candles was kind enough to let me select three scents to try during the party. Because my guests all have different tastes, I tried to select a vast variety of scents that would appeal to my guests.  Check out all three of the scents below.

  1. Seduction - This scent is very feminine and sexy.  It combines french vanilla with amber and musk to make one amazingly scented candle. 
  2. Honey Almond - The perfect scent of sweet honey and almonds creates an enjoyable scent.
  3. Creme Brulee - This sweet scent was by far my favorite.  But I do have to warn you - It smells sweet enough to eat!

We burned the candles for a bit during the party which created a relaxing environment.  After the sweet smells scented the air, we decided to sample them on our skin. Afterall, they are four-in-one candles! The guests all seemed to be leary about pouring the wax on their skin because they were afraid it would be too hot. I reassured them that the wax would not burn them, and after I showed them on my all skin, they all seemed very anxious to try it for themselves. As they rubbed it on their hands and arms they were very impressed by how effective the oil was at moisturizing their skin and leaving it feeling pampered and soft. 

Set a relaxing mood by burning the candle and then pamper yourself with the melted oil afterward.  

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bn100 said...

Nice sounding candle scents

Birdie Bee said...

These candles look so luxurious. I would love to try them sometime.

Masshole Mommy said...

I am a candle addict, so I definitely want to try a few of these. They sound awesome.

Jamie F said...

The creme brûlée sounds soooo yummy...what a fun way to get the girls together!

Theresa Mahoney said...

I just love scented candles and burn them almost daily in my home. I would love to try the Creme Brulee for sure!

becca said...

These sound yummy i bet they smell delicious as well.

mail4rosey said...

I think the Creme Brulee would be my favorite too. It sounds delicious!

Jennifer Van Huss said...

I love candles! They are so refreshing and relaxing! these are great scents!

MikiHope said...

Very interesting-I know I have never heard of using the remaining oil or wax after burning a candle on your skin. If I didn't have a brat cat who likes batting things on the floor I would definitely try one of these.