Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Snuggle The BabyBook

*Disclaimer - I received the book mentioned below, free of charge, for review purposes. In no way did this alter my review.  All of my opinions expressed in this post are one-hundred percent honest and true.*

In our household, we continually read to our children, beginning when they are just babies. Reading to your child allows you to spend quality time together while helping them build vocabulary skills. 

Snuggle The Baby is an interactive board book that works as a manual to help teach young children, how to take care of babies.  This book makes a perfect book to read to children who are expecting a baby sibling. Additionally, it can be read to toddlers because they have fun interacting with the book.  I know this first hand because I read the book to my soon-to-be 18 month old daughter and she loves it.

Snuggle The Baby book helps introduce children into the life of a baby. From swaddling the baby, to playing with the baby, and even changing the baby.  The cool thing about the book is that it is interactive, which means children can actually use the flaps, cut-outs, and items to care for the baby. Children will enjoy:
  • Tickling
  • Feeding
  • Swaddling
  • Rocking
  • Tucking in Baby
Along with the fun interactivities, the book also includes narration, so children know exactly what is going on.  My daughter loves this book because she is a huge doll lover, so she pretends the babies in the book are just like her dolls. It was so cute to watch her trying to feed the baby her bottle. My boys like reading the book because they feel it is like taking care of their baby sister. Overall, this is a fabulous book and we would highly recommend it to anyone who is expecting a second child or who has a doll loving toddler. 

AGE RANGE: 1-4 Years


PUBLISHER: Abrams Appleseed


MikiHope said...

Although I have no children this sounds like a marvelous book to begin to introduce your children to a new arrival and how they should be treated!

Carla WorkingMommyJournal said...

We are huge book fans in our house! Wish I had this one when I was pregnant with our second - would have been perfect for the big brother to be!

Vinma said...

I think this would be great for my two year old! She loves dolls so fit the bill :) Great review!

becca said...

this sounds like a lovely book and a great way to introduce children to baby.

Jenn said...

Looks like such a good book for little ones. My daughter is a bot to old for it but I might pick it up for my niece.

Sarah-Louise Bailey said...

I have to admit I don't have kids - but I shall have to keep it in mind for friends. x

mail4rosey said...

I was a huge doll lover too. I bet I'd have loved it. :)

Anonymous said...

No kids here, but this one looks especially great for only children who are about to become the older sibling!