Friday, August 15, 2014

Made With Love Ceramic Imprints

*Disclaimer - I received the item mentioned below, free of charge, for review purposes. In no way did this alter my review.  All of my opinions expressed in this post are one-hundred percent honest and true.*

Ever wish you could keep your little one's small for as long as possible?  While that may not be possible, it is possible to capture their tiny little toes, feet, hands, and fingers, thanks to Made With Love.  Their ceramic imprints are made with love, creating special foot prints and hand prints that will last a lifetime.  Children grow up so fast, so preserve your memories while you can.  That's exactly what I recently did thanks to Made With Love!

Shopping on Made With Love is extra special because they allow you to customize your child's special keepsake.  Not only is it fun, but it is easy too! Check out the steps we took to order our special Single Handprint Plaque.

  1. Provide them with your child's name and age. (You may select a custom phrase or current year for an additional fee).
  2. Shape - Select between 7 fun shapes including a heart, circle, and star, just to name a few!
  3. Handprint Color - There are 20 different colors you may select from.
  4. Font - Choose between skinny or kids.
  5. Font Color - Select from 19 exciting colors.
  6. Ribbon - Variety includes various polka-dots, gingham, stripes, solids, plaids, and more!
  7. You will then be given an option to select dots, hearts, or stars to be placed all over the plaque.
  8. For an additional $10 you may select edging.
  9. For an additional $5 you may select to add design options. 
  10. Last, but not least you will be given an option to give them your special requests or instructions.
After you order your plaque, you will then await a special box to arrive.  Inside the box you will find special molding clay, a ziplock bag to return it in and a cardboard piece that has a label attached. Make sure not to accidentely throw away the return label, paper, or the box  because you will be using them to return the molded clay back to the company.  Because I did not have a rolling pin I used a soda can to roll the clay out.  My daughter is 20 months, so in order to get the best handprint possible, I had my mom help me out.  After we rolled the clay out as smooth as possible and placed it on the cardboard, my mom perfectly placed her fingers on the clay while I pushed them down.

Afterward, we immediately placed the handprint on the cardboard into the ziplock bag making sure to fold the bag underneath the cardboard, so that the clay did not incur any fold lines.  I placed it inside the box and attached the pre printed label on the outside of the box.  Next thing you now, my daughters beautiful keepsake arrived.  Although my daughter may grow, I have captured her tiny little handprint forever.  The plaque is proudly displayed on our wall for all to see. 

Made With Love is an awesome company.  They make house calls to area hospitals as much as they possibly can to brighten the days of families dealing with catostrophic childhood illnesses. Right now, Made With Love is opening nominations for a monthly "Child Warrior" program.  Each month a special family that has been nominated is selected and the company sends them one of their delightful keepsakes for the family to adore forever. 

Visit Made With Love Ceramic Imprints today and begin creating a special plaque or ornament that will hold a place in your heart for a life time. 

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