Friday, August 26, 2011

Sisters Wives DVD

Watch the Browns as they introduce you to sisters wives, 4 wives and their combined family of sixteen children!  This series follows Kody and his four wives:  Meri,  Janelle,  Christine and Robyn.  Yes,  of course they are a polygamist family,  but that is what interests me most about them.   Obviously I don't condone living a polygamist life,  but there is just something intriguing about the unknown that draws me to this series.  The Sisters Wives airs on TLC and exposes their struggles at trying to live a normal life as polygamists that are shunned from society.  Surprisingly enough their children are all well taken care of and they function well together as a close family unit scattered between four houses.

The first series started out by Kody announcing he will be adding a new wife and her three kids to their already chaotic crazy lifestyle.  The women's lives are turned upside down as the realize they must accept another sister wife in the mix.  I did not know that Sisters Wives DVD existed until I was offered a copy to review,  and since I had never really heard about anyones experiences with polygamy I thought it would be quite interesting and it is.  I was sent Sister Wives Season Two to review and because I never saw it I thought I may be a little lost at first ,  but was surprisingly wrong.  It was easy to follow and spoke about some major things that happened in Season One so it was really easy to follow.

Season Two deals with the women getting use to accepting the New Sister Wife into their lives.  As can be expected the women have mixed feelings and continue to struggle with issues such as spending family time as single units,  and jealousy.  For the most part they have been in hiding from the public until now.  In this series they go on TV to publicly announce they are living life as polygamists.  I was dumbfounded when Kody was asked why he is a polygamist and kinda stuttered with a blank look on his face! 

While going public with their lifestyle takes a burden off their back they are met with a new one,  they are under investigation by the police!  Tension in their family soon mounts and they are faced with new struggles such as keeping the younger children hidden from paparazzi.  It will be interesting to see what happens next in this wrong,  yet intriguing series,  called Sister Wives.  I love the fact that I can watch the entire season two on DVD,  so even though I missed all the episodes I get to see them back to back,  just like I never missed an episode!  I am now obsessed with this fascinating series and can't wait to see what happens next in season three(if there is one).  Be sure to pick up Sisters Wives Season 2 on DVD when it is released September 27,  2011.  This DVD airs for 195 minutes. 

Sister Wives Season 2 DVD includes:
  • Browns Out of Hiding
  • Free Range Browns
  • The Price of Polygamy
  • Carving Into Polygamy
  • Wife #3 Hits Sin City
  • Bonus Episode: Sister Wives Honeymoon Special
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To keep up with their latest news and entertainment for Sisters Wives on their Blog and the Twitter,  and of course the TLC Network.   
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