Friday, October 29, 2010

Raley's Cupcakes

While i was recently out and about, i decided to make a quick run into Raley's to grab a few  things for dinner.  As i walked through the bakery  i could not help but notice the scrumptious looking cupcakes.  They had three different flavors: Black Tie,  Pumpkin Cream,  and Red Velvet.   I'm a big fan of pumpkin so of course I grabbed a pumpkin one.  After that it was a toss up between the Red Velvet and the Black Tie but i ended up choosing the Black Tie.
When i got home i could not wait to open the package and take a bite of the Pumpkin Cream cupcake.  I eagerly opened it and took a small bite of it.  Suddenly sweet flavors rushed through my mouth.  As i took a second bite cream cheese filled my mouth and i noticed the spicy pumpkin flavor.  After demolishing the first one i thought i might just try out the other one too.  The Black Tie cupcake was marbled with vanilla and  chocolate.  As I bit down into it i immediately tasted the blend of vanilla and chocolate along with a sweet whipped chocolate filling.  it was extremely sweet but perfect for someone with a sweet tooth like mine.  They are priced at $1.99 each and are well worth it!